Wheat & Soda Free Life 

This month features us going entirely wheat free. That means any compound or binding ingredient with a derivative of wheat is a huge no no as well. This is all in hopes of resetting how our bodies break down wheat to avoid inflammation in the future. Along with this, I also have been 2 weeks […]

Smooth Body: Awesome Body Butter

Along with, of course, taking care of our face, we must remember that the rest of our bodies require moisture too throughout the day. Sure, I drink a liter of day throughout daylight hours. Then, I consume another liter of water once I return home from work. However, that’s not quite enough, especially in a […]

All Natural Beauty: Starting with Rosemary & Frankincense Facial Scrub

I know I said I am putting together a store to sell my new beauty and health products. It’s taken a little longer than I hoped. My hubby is working on the product images. In the meantime, I took a few with my cell phone that are just ok… lol… ok, pitiful. My products will […]

A Truly Refined Face

We all know how much setting a strong base saves a lot of time and effort down the road. This is even true when it comes to our make up routines. After years of searching, I finally discovered the perfect solution and it’s not even the most expensive. However, every time I use it, I […]

Coconut Face Care & Richard Ward’s Cleansing Conditioner

In the middle of our move, we included a trip to the Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocer. While there, I luckily found the opportunity for a purchase of a new skin care line. Along with this purchase, my purchase from Joyus of Richard Ward’s Chelsea Collection Cleansing Conditioner allowed me a chance for a regal sense of elegance. […]