Nature’s Dew: Face Cream

So, what naturally ought to follow a facial scrub is a moisturizer. And through my products, an all natural face cream just makes the perfect companion.  Combining coconut oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E oil, rosemary oil, and frankincense oil, the face cream brilliantly provides moisture to the skin of the face. Coconut oil prevents bacteria […]

We’re Homesteading for 2017!

Living in the mountains on 35 acres sometimes causes headaches, mainly worrying about a good 4 wheel drive vehicle to get down the mountain to work really in snow. Yet, most of the time, it is awesome. We get to wake up to not a sound by birds (and our adorable doggies prancing to see […]

Adventures in Starting to Homestead & the Royal Canadian Tour – Outfits to Die For

Well, we’re officially moved into our house. After six months of residing on the property with us as they finish the interior, the in-laws have headed home to Texas and we are left to put our touch on our home and set up shop. With everything all brand new, yet smaller than we had before, […]

Simply Delish: Chicken Marsala 

As thunderstorms started rolling over the mountains on an otherwise extremely hot evening, the shade provided by clouds eased the uncomfortable and wind softly blew the gentle rain in. With classical relaxation playing via Pandora, a nice sense of relaxation started up.  Many times it’s easy to complain about cooking dinner. However, the reality is […]

Figuring Out New Rules After Marriage

Life sometimes grows far too hectic. Back before I met the man of my dreams and we married in September, I could easily say life was busy. Even then I ran about with a normal full-time job often keeping me busy, socialized with friends, assisted family, and also managed to run a household and follow […]