International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! As I think over the issues facing today’s women, I admire even more the struggles and efforts of our predecessors. To think that even 100 years ago we had no right to vote for our leaders or to really have any voice on major issues even affecting us! Women have come […]

Class and Femininity

Over the last few years and mainly with the current election and swearing-in of a president, there appears a growing trend in society. It’s one I feel increasingly leery of.  Today, for the first time, I felt myself reluctant to speak out and share my own opinion. That is until I realized I can share […]

Figuring Out New Rules After Marriage

Life sometimes grows far too hectic. Back before I met the man of my dreams and we married in September, I could easily say life was busy. Even then I ran about with a normal full-time job often keeping me busy, socialized with friends, assisted family, and also managed to run a household and follow […]

Common Courtesy is Just Professional

Recently, several incidents make me question what many in the world consider refinement and elegance in regards to the work environment. What just truly considers as professional behavior stands out in my mind through my work as well as the image I hope to convey through my own work ethic and reputation. However, it also […]

The Royal Tour: Thoughts on Will & Kate

Royal Tour 2016 through India & Bhutan rapidly reached an end this morning. At least to us royal followers, it seemed to reach a rapid end. After seven days, the royal couple left the region for a return to the United Kingdom. It’s been an amazing week with gorgeous photos, insight into the area, and […]

Professional Life vs Personal Life: Cell Phones & Internet

So much has been going on recently, it’s been difficult to find time for settling in to write my blog. Many different thoughts race through my mind through this move and some behaviors encountered, among friends, family, and co-workers. That’s not saying all are bad. But not all are good either. It’s truly left me […]