2017-12-05 09-442521417..jpgHey there, I’m Michelle Touchstone!

Most days you can find me hard at work, attempting to stay true to a graceful, elegant, and refined way of life. I am mostly known for my quirky sense of humor, huge devotion to friends and family, and helping my husband with his growing photography business. People often refer to me as sweet, smart, and classy. I love serving the world by always helping those in need and bringing a sense of perhaps “old-fashioned” values and charm into everyday life. The things I am most passionate about in life are quality time with my husband, etiquette, entertaining, a sense of the past, strong women in society, wonderful manners and a touch of grace in everyday life.

I serve people who are looking for ways to enhance their daily life with a bit of elegance and charm in a chaotic and sometimes brutal world. I am lucky to inspire them with tips I’ve discovered or tools I can incorporate into life on a regular basis.

As a working woman, entrepreneur, daughter, wife, and average woman too, I’ve been published in newspaper articles, and a contributor to the blog The Refined Network along with my partnership with my husband at Touchstone Pixels.

When I’m not busy working on my blog and husband’s photography business, you can catch me:

  • Riding along on critter drives and photo trips with my husband
  • Celebrating the beauty of the mountains around me
  • Enjoying our 35 acre ranch life
  • Camping
  • Listening and playing music, mainly my piano
  • Exploring new lands and trails
  • Reading up on yoga, healthy foods, and DIY interior decorating (mostly the farmhouse style like Joanna Gaines)
  • Catching up on the latest about the Duchess of Cambridge
  • Or hosting my loved ones for a get together

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me.

  1. Even though I might appear a touch like a Disney princess, I still have a sporty, rustic side.
  2. Despite all efforts, there are days I just want to stay in bed or lounge in yoga pants all day.
  3. Getting married about two years ago at age 35, we’re ready to start a family, but also happy just being us.
  4. I’m phenomenally proud of my awesome and fiercely talented husband that I count my lucky stars daily managed to find me in this crazy, old world as I almost gave up on the idea of finding a partner.
  5. Our goal is to homestead with chickens, rabbits, and microgreens on our 35 acre home, in our recently remodeled cabin to a tiny home.

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