An Even Better Glass…

A fiercely hot cup of java. Or a cuppa tea. Or maybe a bit of whiskey over ice with coke. Most of us have that one drink we consume daily. Ideally, it should be our water. And, yes, I consume at least two liters a day! One to rehydrate my internal organs and the second to reach my skin. Plus, it sure flushes out all the toxins we encounter daily in our running around.

Recently I shared how much I started loving matcha. And, believe me, it is awesome! There are amazing health benefits across the board. Yet, I discovered what I love more than a warm cup of the green stuff, is the iced version.


With the summer months, this is a fabulous way to reduce my consumption of coffee, add some healthy alternatives to my life, and still get a boost in energy. Drinking matcha hot, I had a full glass of boiling water with a dash of honey and a drop of coconut milk. It took a bit of adjustment, but I finally grew where I could drink it as a coffee alternative without hesitation. The only thing is that while I was working, I never could get the powder to fully dissolve, leaving me with a rather bitter snap of green tea right at the end. Yuck!

As my main goal was to get rid of the dreaded second cup of coffee from my morning routine, matcha made a nice alternative. Usually I consumed it in the afternoon when I hit a bit of a slump. However, I’ve now decided to embrace it as the second morning beverage. And, lo and behold, I discovered an amazing recipe for one. The Iced Matcha Latte is by far my favorite version of this incredible green drink!

Not to mention, the recipe is so simple. It also lets me add a healthy burst of calcium and other benefits to my diet. With my unfortunate revelation of Eosinophilic Esophagitis I’ve confirmed my lack of wanting cow’s milk in my diet. Yet, with all the items I forfeit on my elimination diet, I worry about missing out on key benefits. Adding the Iced Matcha Latte lets me feel I’m putting a bit back in.

All it takes is a quarter cup of just about boiling water with a half teaspoon of the match a powder. So, you’re essentially preparing a full dose of the beverage in a concentrated amount of water. I squeeze in about a tablespoon of honey, whisking away with a fork. Then, I pour eight ounces of cold coconut milk over ice, adding the condensed matcha with a mix, and voila! The perfect drink on a hot, summer morning.

Plus, I get all the wonderful benefits of matcha. (And coconut milk is fortified with a lot more calcium than its counterpart in dairy). Matcha is superbly packed with antioxidants while it burns calories from a ramped up metabolism. Along with this, it naturally detoxifies you all as it calms the mind and relaxes your body. It is phenomenal source of vitamins, including vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc, and magnesium along with fiber and chlorophyll. Not only does it help prevent disease, but it lowers blood sugar and cholesterol. One cup equals the benefits of 10 cups of green tea!


Instead of consuming steeped green tea, matcha is the green tea leaves crushed finely into a bright, green powder and then dissolved directly into your cup. And, again, a nice fair warning: be careful! The powder is vivid green! It will stain carpets and other items if you are not careful!

I’m sure I’ll still drink it hot at times, but you cannot pull me away on a summer morning from a nice, cold and soothing iced matcha latte!



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