Summer’s Great Outdoor Adventures

Summer quickly approaches! Yippy! I, for one, look forward to the longer evenings, the warmer days, and the glorious sunshine. Not to mention also the roaring thunderstorms, as long as NO FIRES!

As the season arrives, the husband and I are doing our best getting out to enjoy all we can in the great outdoors. Recently, a new investment was added to our home. For several years, we wondered and wondered how we could get ourselves a state park pass. Well, lo and behold, we finally took the plunge and purchased one this year. And, in just three weeks it has greatly paid off and added quite nicely to our adventures!

Right away, we’ve been out at the lake with picnics and sunset images. Now, while I’ve always been a girl who loves the outdoors and desperately needs a reset in nature periodically with camping trips and even just sitting quietly by a babbling brook, getting outdoors is not always easy with a full-time job in a windowless office or icy winters. But one of my favorite past-times always includes the outdoors and adventure.

When we visited the Tetons over the last ten years, I loved renting a kayak to smoothly travel across Jackson Lake in the morning hours. To me, this was pure heaven! Brent and I both really wanted one and often dreamt of what it would be like.

Well, after the park pass purchase, we instantly knew we wanted a kayak. After much debate and investigation, we settled on an inflatable one with high ratings, and it is very sturdy and really quite affordable. This has been a huge favorite of mine! Only two days after it arrived we were out on the water at our local lake’s state park (of course, with life jackets firmly on). Let me tell you, this was magnificent! And, I think I’ve discovered my new addition to my work out.

Most of you know all about my eosinophilic esophagitis, and the fact I adore my yoga now, but something about being out in nature and mainly on water always has appealed to me. Back at home in California my aunt had a swimming pool which if I ever got in, good luck getting me out for hours. (Maybe that’s why all the pirate movies capture my heart and soul, or why the Queen Mary back home was wonderful for me to visit; I love water.) So, now, kayaking is an awesome way to add to my new activity level and get in shape even better as hopefully my inflammation goes down while I adjust my food allergies on the diet and push yoga a bit more along with the kayak.

This last weekend we also decided trekking some hiking trails and taking full advantage of our pass. I haven’t officially hiked much in a few years, but I know the hubby loves it. We purchased a pair of great hiking boots for me a couple of years ago, but never really took the opportunities to use them. Plus, my parents gifted me a pair of wonderful New Balance trail shoes over Christmas because I kept saying how I needed better quality shoes to keep up with him. I’m one who gets shin splints frequently and those can force me to say, “Woe,” too easily.

Plus, now that we have the park pass and the kayak and our diet changes on the way (in addition, how much I love being outdoors period, and the yoga I crave now), I decided it was time to be a bit more adventurous and not give into the fatigue and “oh, I’m just too tired after work,” routine. I let my husband know that also with the park pass I want us to start hiking more and going about at least once a month and work up my endurance too. This last weekend we hiked about three miles in the state park in the morning and then found another newer trail not too far away in the afternoon and did another two miles roundtrip probably. Sure, my calves ached a little, but nothing that yoga couldn’t fix, and I think I did pretty good compared to what I thought I would.

So, here’s hoping you guys can all enjoy the summer adventures that await. Trust me when I say exploring the outdoors is an easy stress relief full of wonderful workouts. And, you won’t even feel that you are working out. He almost laughs when I say how excited I am to get back out on the water and how badly I want to kayak every weekend until we just can’t any longer because of the cold seasons arriving. After all, it burns 227 calories per half hour for me. And it’s a blast to boot!

And, Look, the husband and I are officially a Subaru advertisement! LOL! I took this shot at the lake with our new kayak.

We already have a couple of camping trips lined out too that we’re really looking forward to. It’s good to be back in touch with my adventurous side. I sure wish we’d purchased this pass and the kayak (not to mention the new Subaru and the new propane tailgating grill) a long time ago. It’s been wonderful! And full of awesome quality time with my husband!


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