Time to Seriously Heed Eosinophilic Esophagitis

We are what we eat! And what we eat really does lead us to how we feel! I learned the exceptionally hard way recently that I seriously must take my eosinophilic esophagitis more serious!

No, nothing that would land me in the hospital. But after two bouts of horrific symptoms resulting from a slight indulgence, YUCK! With company we were treated to a delicious meal. I, without thinking, assumed the meal was in cornmeal and with fish, wouldn’t be so bad. Nope, it was after I ate I learned it was cooked in wheat flour and cornmeal, store-bought other batter, milk for a coating, and shredded cheese also involved. At first, I assumed no big deal.


That was the biggest understatement I could make. In the morning following I woke up with the worst pressure headache over my eyes in eons. My stomach was a rumbling mess and I was going to be sick, literally one way or the other. I ached everywhere and felt as if every part of my body was made of lead.

Countless trips to the restroom while trying to force and will myself ready for work was not fun. The hubby even told me I needed to call in for the day. There was no way I could and no way I’d let myself. I was miserable, and I mean miserable.


Of course, this brought back a multitude of reminders I’d had mornings like this in the past, living on my own before my husband came along too. I always thought it was sinus issues or maybe a gluten issue. What amazed me the most is how ever did I function? I had not feel so awful in months, maybe years now.

Lucky, for me, I took a few digestive enzymes and I felt things start calming down. By the time I arrived at work, I felt basically almost normal again. Yet, my coworker could tell the morning was not generous to me.

Then, just a week later, while on our grocery trip to Trader Joe’s we carefully read ingredients on protein power bars to snack on for our trip home, along with our grass-fed beef sticks. We found one we assumed would be perfect, mainly containing sunflower seed butter and oil. No allergy ever popped up for this. Twenty minutes after I ate it, I was miserable. Here came a wave of severe heart burn, my breathing felt slightly constricted and rapid.

My ever so amazing hubby ran into a store to get me a soda, thinking it would help like it usually does when I feel I have food impaction as I felt my throat grow funny. I was nearly in tears while he was inside. As we started off on the road toward home again, I threw up repeatedly.

Allergies word cloud

We’re not sure what did it. The only odd ingredient from our usual was the sunflower oil. Yet, I eat sunflower microgreens with absolutely no trouble and vegan mayo with the oil too. Only one thing seemed off about sunflower seeds. In the past we tried a salad with them in the dressing and I needed my inhaler for the first time in eons.

Now, as the one experiencing the symptoms, I can tell you it is no walk in the park. I can’t imagine how my husband felt watching me experience it. If how I felt as he was sick was any indication it’s not easy. Off and on I still feel my throat burning as things go on. It’s a bit of a reminder that there is obviously something there that is making an inflammation and I need to watch it.

When we have people visiting or family around, it’s not always easy to stick to eliminating the foods that we should. Plus, we have tons of misunderstandings among them. They don’t quite get it because they grew up with all the foods and are just fine. Or maybe only one of our food allergies sticks in their mind, while they just don’t think about how reliant they’ve grown with the others. Soy is in everything these days it seems.


But I’ll just end by saying this is not an easy journey and we all must learn to adapt. All I know is I want to feel as good as I do when we’re eating on our special diet and it’s also a wonder to see the inches start vanishing as well. I never want to feel that awful again.


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