Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Today is a very special day in which we celebrate our matriarchs and those who carried us through our youth. Mothers mean a lot. They love us, nurture us, nurse us, counsel us, advise us, celebrate us, and support us among a great deal more!

My mom has always been one I consider my best friend. She is who I can turn to for women talk and whenever I need a shoulder. When people compare me to my mom, I take it with a compliment. She must be one of the strongest women in the world for all she has to offer, with the biggest heart of gold around.

This picture of us was from about 7 years ago. A lot has changed since then as I am now married and trying for a family of my own, but the love I feel and pride in being this woman’s daughter never have.

This afternoon we’ll be honoring her and Brent’s grandmother (who is also here with us right now) with a feast of ribs, chicken, green beans, potatoes, baked beans and chocolate covered strawberries. I’m looking forward to honoring two great women in my extended family too.

The hubby just told me happy Mother’s Day too in recognition of my mothering our two beautiful dogs, Bailey and Diva. Maybe we don’t have a child of our own yet, but I hope one day I can be half as awesome as all the mothers I know.

So, here’s to you, all you mothers out there! Thank you for all that you do that often goes unappreciated; the loving, the caring, the teaching, the cooking, the housework, the strength of counseling us and helping us find right from wrong. And, again, so many other things!

God bless!

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