What’s the Matcha?

What can be just as delightfully soothing to warm the soul as a delectable coffee beverage? Try Matcha green tea! Recently, I learned about the awesome benefits of this super drink and decided to give it a go.

For me, I still have my morning java rush, of which I now try simply black for the first time when I assumed I never would. So, my matcha experience kicked in on my afternoon tea breaks. At Trader Joe’s I discovered a little pricey way to try it with seven single cup packets weighing in just under $8. Pour one packet into a boiling cup of water, add some honey, and a dash of coconut creamer, and viola! It was surprisingly wonderful!

Matcha is not steeped green tea. In fact, it is actually the green tea leaves themselves crushed into a very green powder you dissolve into hot water. And by green, I mean INTENSELY green and potent. Be advised spills! Yet, worth every bit of its incredible benefits. With just 1/3 the caffeine of coffee, matcha also provides a direct dose of the amazing benefits and nutrients usually diluted in plain green tea. It also gives a bit of a caffeine kick naturally, but also because of its L-theanine qualities it soothes and brings calming anti-anxiety sensation. Not to mention a boost to your calorie burning with a kickstart to your metabolism. There are just tons of all over health benefits to consuming this super green drink! Check out just a few.

I did find a batch of 57 servings in a $14 pack on Amazon, soon to be ordered. So, there are less expensive options available. Once I’ve tried it out, I’ll be sure to let you know how it was.

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