From the Desk of Michelle: Spring is Sprung

Well, we now have entered spring and things are moving pretty quickly for us, rather busily I may add. The remodel of the cabin to our “tiny house” of sorts is near completion. We should be in my the end of the month. Pictures, of course, will follow once we’re a bit more settled and have items put where they must be completely.


In the meantime, I want to celebrate spring. Even though here in the Rockies we still get an occasional dump of spring snow, the warmer days and nights are emerging. The grass is starting to peek through with its green blades and the trees are sprouting their buds. More and more critters line our road down the mountain, turkey in full strut mode, their feathers displayed in grandeour like a peacock’s.

It’s almost time to plant some flowers and maybe a little vegetable garden over here. We’re losing layers of clothing and finding ourselves outside a lot more frequently. It will be nice to get the house situated and settled. Then, we can truly enjoy the days.


I can’t wait to take my bow out and practice some more. Long walks, stopping to watch the blooms as the days grow longer all entice me. Not too much longer now also and we can stop for a round of miniature golf. I’m ready to be out and about for adventure… how about you?

So, as spring is here, let’s celebrate the chance to get outdoors. What do you most look forward to in the spring time? I would love to know what my readers do. So, please leave me a comment below. Can’t wait to hear.


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