A Reminder of the Pioneer in Me

What happens when you get a very musical, sentimental type like me listening to old classics I loved? Well, first you get me remembering sitting with my grandpa with music blasting, letting it just wash over us. Oh, how he loved us listening to music together, and that was probably some of my most favorite memories ever. He’d say, ‘just listen, let yourself feel it.’ And, I can say without a doubt that music does something to me, always has. People are amazed how I can hear a score and tell you precisely what was going on in a movie, usually an emotional moment. I notice cues like that, even as watching a film, I catch when a character’s theme emerges. Maybe it’s crazy.

I sat on the couch as the hubby and my dad were working on the remodel of the cabin over there and started putting together a playlist of over 100 pieces from films and classical music I’d listened to over and over as I grew up, my key favorites so to speak. I felt on a mission with the Raider’s March of Indiana Jones, ready for battle at sea with the “What Shall We Die For?” inspirational from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (also a huge favorite as I love Pirates, LOL), reminisce with the Ashokan Farewell from the Civil War, sort of sassy with The Mask of Zorro theme, and quite prim and regal with power as The Crown came on. A smidge of romanticism and love with North & South from the 1985 miniseries, and even more so laughing I’d found my George Hazard in the hubby as I heard the character theme for his Irish wife, Constance. A little sad and haunted with Titanic. A bit like, ‘let’s do this’ with the Batman Begins theme.

And speaking of Irish, as one of my favorite John Williams’ scores played loudly across our sound system, I suddenly recalled that part of me that loved “Far and Away” in my teens. I LOVED THIS MOVIE! It was historical. Ron Howard based it on the family research of his ancestors coming from Ireland to race for land parcels in Oklahoma. Plus, it was Ireland! When we visited Ireland, I visited where they filmed the scenes and was in awe. So gorgeous! Also, had a beautiful story of going for what we want and following our dreams. Not to mention, it showed my western love too!

As that theme and the beautiful main, love theme for Shannon and Joseph wafted through the house, especially on the piece called “Joseph’s Dream,” I had to stop and just listen, feeling tears reaching my eyes. It’s so uplifting, so inspiring. Joseph lost his hope and dream and was working away with no emotion on the railroad. He saw the pioneers in their wagons going west and despite him working with Shannon to get there all those months in Boston, he just didn’t see it anymore, going on aimlessly. Then, he has the dream of his father reminding him of his promise. As he wakes with the train he’s on coming to a stop in the middle of nowhere it seems, he spots the wagons again and hears the other workers laughing at them.

Now, John Williams can write music! He captured all that feeling of the character as he’s suddenly ready to head off and follow his dream again. We see the silhouettes of the wagons and pioneers in the sunlight and he joins them again. His boss yells from the train like he’s a lunatic and asks where’s he going. To which, Joseph shouts, “I was on the wrong road!”

And the music is just awesome! It swells up and lures you in all right. And, it reminded me of my goal to be out west and to follow dreams. Now, I grew up in California, but now I’m in Colorado for the last 13 years. We kind of lose sight of how lucky we are to have these mountains right here, adventure waiting right at the turn of the road. My family’s full of pioneers in our past. My mom discovered the oldest woman to ever travel the Oregon Trail was one of our family members in the past through her ancestry search. She traveled it at 81 years of age.

Plus, a little appropriate with St. Patrick’s Day coming, but we also have a bit of Irish in us. My aunt recently did her ancestry DNA test to learn we have a good chunk of Irish and Scottish heritage to us on my mother’s side. I did learn that the English portion is pretty large though, more than double our Irish… that explains why I seem to love English things so much I guess. But more on that later…

So, it just reminded me, it’s time to seize the day. Maybe say to myself to stop wandering through life and just doing things. Celebrate where I live and remind myself of what our ancestors did to get here. And live for adventure like I always wanted to do. My husband LOVES adventure, exploring new things. It’s one of the things I loved about him because I wanted that too. So, time to wake up and live life to the fullest and find plenty of adventures together. I can’t wait!

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