What’s My Cup of Tea?

Oh, how on cold, windy March days a nice hot cup between the palms entices! Now, I love coffee at times; do not get me wrong. However, I am much more a tea girl, I think. In all honesty, growing up, I loathed warm beverages, except, of course, the occasional hot cocoa. Yet, as I grew older, the hot drinks improved according to my palette.

Following a trip to Ireland, I really enjoyed a cup of hot tea. Everywhere we visited, hot tea was served along with cookies and tea sandwiches. It must be the English in me… lol. I LOVED IT! Then, watching Downton Abbey, I was convinced, afternoon tea was a treasure for me. I ordered an inexpensive, little tea set with saucers and all to match the silver serving set my aunt gave me for Christmas, and I would make myself take tea time in the afternoons, about 3pm, sitting on my glassed in porch with my wicker set and sipping on a cup. It was a definite way to chill and recenter for the day.

Of course, I met the hubby and, well, those little breaks in my weekends sort of faded. Yet, I still enjoyed a good cup. He recently introduced me to the French press for our coffees and as I started grinding my own grounds at Trader Joe’s, adding coconut creamer to it, coffee is now a pleasure too. Oh, thank God, I now know what kept me from enjoying even cream in my coffee all those years; darn cow’s milk allergy! However, he now indulges in afternoon cups of his joe, so I avoid that time usually, not wanting so much caffiene.

Yet, there are times when nothing beats a good cup of tea. I must thank the girls at work for our gift shop who introduced me to all the loose leaf teas by For Tea’s Sake. They are amazing! A little pricey, but oh so fabulous. My all time favorite of Chai kind of had to take a back seat because it often has dairy mixed in. But I did discover a new favorite and one that actually requires NO CREAM AND NO SUGAR by yours truly in it!

That tea is the For Tea’s Sake Let’s Detox, a rooibos tea including nettle, raspberry, licorice root pieces, anise, clove, calendula, and safflowers. It energizes me as it heats me from within, shedding toxins from my body with anti-oxidants. I’m telling you, any bloat is surprisingly just gone! I feel so refreshed all around after consuming this tea. You must brew yourself a cup.

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