A Taming Genius: Madison Reed’s Tame

So, recently, it was time to color my hair again with  my reorder of Madison Reed. Again, I just love this hair color! It’s all natural. My hair smells divine, shines great, and is in far better shape than ever after it. Plus, the salon comparable quality never leaves my hair appearing brassy or almost with a fake tinge.

In the color kit, I tried out a sample of their finishing product Tame. Awesome! I’m doing everything in my power to make that little sample pack stretch until an order arrives! With just one little dab between two finger tips, I ran it through my hair and any little bit of freeze vanished. My hair shone even more so and grew so silky it was unbelievable!

A model showing just how my hair actually turned out as a result of Tame on http://www.madison-reed.com

There are a few sites out there selling it, but the cheapest is still on Madison Reed itself at www.madison-reed.com/product/tame and retails for roughly $19.95. Yes, it may seem a lot, but compared to other products out there, Tame is worth every penny and should last long enough that you’ve surpassed purchasing cheaper versions several times. Because, trust me, a little goes a long way. And, as always with Madison Reed, ALL NATURAL!

I cannot wait for my order to arrive! Even as it was incredibly windy moving out the door to work the other morning, a tiny dab, almost literally nothing to it, smoothed every flyaway out once I was in my office. Definitely try it! You will not be disappointed!

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