The Duchess Wore Green! Was She Wrong?

Our feminist movement is not about an all or nothing. It is for equality and ensuring women are free to choose. I 100% believe sexual harassment and assault are wrong. Believe me! Over the years, I have been a victim myself.

However, I know plenty of women who harass as well. We watched “The Longest Ride” the other evening and a key example is the girls at the sorority gawking and ogling the male star as he escorts their friend on their first date. Yet, recent feminist advocates would vouch this is perfectly acceptable because women don’t rape. I’ve straight out heard this as an argument on news shows. Um, not equality.

I’m fired up today because last night the BAFTAS were held in London. A lot of A-List celebs were present, carrying on their all black dress code to push the #MeToo movement. Ok, cool, you can choose to do this and I greatly admire the cause you are supporting and I probably would wear black if in attendance myself.

However, one key woman, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, showed the audacity to wear dark green with a black ribbon belt! Or at least you would think, ‘how dare she,’ listening to many cry babies out there. ‘She’s no woman’s woman,’ is another cry too. Oh, grow up, girls.

As a member of the royal family, the Duchess treads a fine line. The royal family is forbidden from expressing political sides or endorsing movements in many cases. William and her expressing their efforts for mental health already pushes a change from the norm. So, at an entertainment event, the Duchess opted to choose to follow protocol. That is entirely HER choice! She should not be bullied or shamed. If anything she looked positively radiant, glowing with femininity, her baby bump clearly on display. You’ll see no men showing that type of beauty. Her arms were strong, letting us know she is by no means weak. And she was herself. Imagine that! A rare concept allowed it seems. Yet, a sign women will not be silent.

Also, dark green was a Suffragette color, reflecting the symbol of those from a hundred years ago who fought hard for women to not be abused, not just be property for our husbands, and have a right to speak our voice with votes. Remember, that’s all about equality. Her black belt could very well have been her silent salute to the movement within the limits of her royal obligations too.

The point is, well done, Kate. Well done. Let’s not let our feminist desires sway us toward yet another oppression. Women, we must stick together, lift up one another, support each other. We should celebrate our differences and what makes us special in our female individuality. Don’t we want that to shine? Don’t we want equality? Or are we striving for superiority? Well, then if superiority, what hypocrites we would be. You can’t do this to us, but we sure will to you.

And, on a last note, as fighting for our rights as women, Kate took her right to choose her own wardrobe. If we bend and cave to follow every other person or be shamed we lose that choice. We are oppressed the other way. And, frankly, I’m glad the Duchess stood out from that and showed she will not be oppressed, and chose to be herself.

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