“Woman Who Work” Review

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but in spite of what anyone may think of her father, Ivanka Trump’s web site at www.ivankatrump.com really stays one source of great articles and suggestions and how to’s that I enjoy visiting. Even now, I often look back at other articles I’ve read from it, just to be sure I can stay as productive and efficient with the sometimes full plate I feel of life. Along this note, I’ve also read her latest book, “Women Who Work.”

For anyone, actually any woman, who enjoys learning, evolving, and celebrating all we can accomplish and how to organize, complete, and get a little pep talk, this book is great for that. And, it’s not just for women out of the home. Many of the tips and ideas are perfect for the stay at home career women as well. Believe me, I think woman who spend full-time at home as housewives or mothers have one demanding career! That’s the job that NEVER stops, constantly going 24/7.

Ivanka takes the time to explain this very thing and how important relying on our significant others to help us grow and use our talents and run things with our team can be. She reflects on her own experiences. And, we all know, the Trump family has made it with business if you ask me. Sure, maybe we’re not as privileged as she is when it comes to money to get us set up and going. Yet, she delves into how anyone can accomplish things, even asking for a raise or time to not lose family over career. Ivanka may have her own business too. Still, she also addresses the needs of us who aren’t in the boss’ seat as well as offers suggestions for women in management along with how to grow into that position as well.

Whether you are a Democrat or Liberal or Republican, you can find some awesome suggestions for female empowerment in ‘Women Who Work.” That’s one theme in the book even. Rather than tearing each other down, let’s all come together and support one another.And with her tips, everyone can learn something.

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