Some Changes Coming to the Ranch

Plenty to announce in our little world. My father-in-law decided he’d like the house back for his vacations. So, the hubby and I are now adding onto the little cabin he built up here as we met. For a place with no plumbing or running water, it’s going to be quite a change.

In the past, we would come up and stay for short spells. One summer we stayed almost entirely as he helped his dad build the bigger house. During those visits we brought along drinking water with us and would use a camping toilet with a 5 gallon tank or even just cat litter in a garbage bag under the toilet seat on more rustic ventures. However, the cabin has electricity and is well insulated. To many, it would be indeed a tiny house adventure.

We decided we loved the ranch location so much and we wanted to stay close to my parents. Plus, with two doggies as our dear children at this point, it makes it rather difficult to find a place to move where we can keep the girls with us. Along with that, I have my job at the hospital and I enjoy the people I work with and helping people there. Not to mention, several other more personal reasons. So rather than move at this point in time, we are adding onto the cabin.

What was the porch is now fully enclosed and morphing into our bathroom, complete with a shower, regular toilet, and running water. The area that was always our kitchen will finally have a real sink and a few more appliances to let us cook on a regular basis versus just warming food or keeping it in the fridge. This will compliment our dining nook perfect. We’ve moved the front door to the side and added windows on each side of it. A lot more light now enters.

Along with this, the hubby’s hard at work taking down paneling and replacing it with dry wall to let us use brighter colors inside. Where our futon went to function as a couch and bedroom area is now going to be our living room area too. And we’ll be putting our bedroom upstairs in the loft until we can add on a master bedroom down the road. The final goal is a little porch with a 8 foot deck that can come off it and a nice seating outdoor area out back.

Brent hopes as we complete the cabin, or our house now, we can return to our homesteading goals with the rabbits and microgreens and such. However, we probably won’t be bringing back in chickens with my new condition causing us to avoid eggs, my number one allergy. Oddly enough, our home farmed chicken eggs NEVER bothered me that I noticed, unlike store bought eggs.

On a side note, a goal we both discuss is increasing my beauty products and also creating farmhouse décor to start selling online once the remodel is complete and we’ve moved. I’m looking forward to trying this out. Thanks to starting to watch old episodes of “Fixer Upper” on HGTV, I’ve discovered I love modern traditional style still, but I also really adore the farmhouse decorating. It’s a big chunk of how I hope to decorate the new space for us as well. I think I really do like the rustic elegant look, a reflection seen at our wedding also.

In the past, I’ve been asked to help friends decorate their homes after they’ve visited mine. In fact, one of the very first things Brent ever said when he first visited my house as we met was, “Wow, who decorated? It is awesome and so inviting.” So, now with the remodel and move I get to set up our home how I want it.

The first thing I have came from the old house in town I loved and was fixing up. It was a Victorian/Edwardian home, but, of course, in a western town. It’s now made the trip from the back of that house up the mountain to find a new use at our cabin. As it gets closer to that time, I plan to paint it and get it set up for us over there.

So, that is our next big task and goal around here. I will keep everyone up to date as well while we venture on this little journey to continue living on our ranch up on the mountain here.

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