Update on Eosinophilic Esophagitis 

So, welcome to a new year! Wow, 2018! There’s to be some new changes occurring this year big time. One of them is our diet! And all because of my eosinophilic esophagitis.

We visited an allergist finally in the break between Christmas and New Year’s and on January 1st we bid farewell to many, and I mean MANY of my favorites. Turns out, I must avoid wheat, cow’s milk, soy, eggs, mushrooms, tuna, cucumber, almond, peanuts, and blueberries. Can you believe it?

Wheat and cow’s milk weren’t a shocker as we’d tried removing that mostly already. But, eggs too now adds a new dimension to scaling back. Almost everything you look at has at least one of those ingredients. Then, cucumbers???? I love cucumbers and even more so I love pickles. As pickles are from cucumbers there goes that too. And, I love Reeses Pieces and peanut butter M&Ms. So much for those anymore.

Yet, I still can enjoy my favorite dark chocolate. So, that’s a relief. And, luckily, I love coconut milk.
Needless to say it’ll be a big change. Even my recent favorite of Thai Yellow Curry Sauce from Trader Joe’s is a no no because it has whey, aka milk. So, tonight we’re trying out our own homemade version to make it as close to Trader Joe’s as possible.

I will keep everyone posted on how things progress. And, again, happy new year!

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