A New Way to Style: The Tyme Iron

It wasn’t too long ago I discovered the joys of curling my hair with my Revlon straightner. However, I never quite obtained the curls and straightening I wished for. I tried other tools, but still couldn’t. Over the months though, I saw commercials and information about a new tool and longed for the chance to try it out. That was for the Tyme Iron.

Recently, I found an opportunity to purchase one at a more reasonable price for me compared to the normal which is about $180 for the iron itself. It arrived a week ago, and the first day I discovered it wasn’t a right away fix. Having previous experience using just a straightner to curl my hair does my provide a bit of an advantage though. Yet, the Tyme Iron needs to let you figure it out a little.

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to do the back or underneath. I started just using the iron in the straightening position and curling that part how I would normally. Finally, about almost one week into it, I suddenly had a light bulb moment and figured out exactly how to do it. Of course, this was two days into me straightening all my hair first, then using the curling side.

The great thing about the Tyme Iron is it also straightens. To obtain the curls, you place what they refer to as the guidelines (brown markings) on the iron in at the root, twist the iron so the guides show in the mirror, and then run it clear through at a slower pace toward the ends. Depending on how you angle the movement through to the ends of the hair affects what type of curls you end up with. This is something I’m still experimenting with as I continue to learn how to use the iron just a week later. To straighten your hair, you simply turn the iron over, so the guides are away from the roots, and glide your hair through it to the ends at a slower pace. One other important thing is that you do not want to apply too much pressure to the hair or it may frizz or put that awful bent in your hair. Luckily, this can be fixed by smoothing the iron through again.

I absolutely love how my hair is turning out now! Even straightened it rocks and is so easy! Like I said you have to experiment to finally get used to handling the iron, but once you do it is great and saves me time. Today, I rough blow dried my hair and went right into curling it. All my frizz was gone and the other part of why I love it was present: I don’t have to do my hair in layers. I can leave it all down and just divide in the back so I curl the hair the right way for the sides and I can just move through it quickly.

Would I recommend a Tyme Iron? Absolutely! And check out my latest pic after about a few days of figuring it out:

Another part I love, unlike my other attempts at curling with a straightner or regular curling iron, the Tyme Iron’s curls do not need to be combed out and even when I do brush my hair out before bed, the curls are sprung back to how it was as I get out of bed the next morning. Finally, staying power! It is a great, versatile, and easy to use tool that makes morning styling attempts much more efficient!

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