A New Diet & Development: Eosinophilic Esophagitis 

So, I apparently have a new condition which our wheat free, mostly dairy free diet actually proves beneficial toward! The hubby and I switched to wheat free in June in a search to end inflammation. Of course, we are guilty of the occasional cheat. However, it was AFTER our initial 30 day detox. I have to admit I loved how I was feeling. Plus, we noticed inches dropping off me, and I added in avoiding dairy mostly as I knew I showed a cow’s milk allergy a few years back, and I reduced white sugar greatly.

Also, we started shopping at Trader Joe’s. Sure, it’s a 2 hour drive away, but not only do we save money greatly compared to Walmart, but it’s all non-GMO and no preservatives or pesticides. It’s mostly straight, natural, organic foods. So much better and super yummy! Plus, we cut out pork a lot. The hubby smokes brisket now and we eat a thin slice of that with breakfast in place of bacon. Another addition is we found THE BEST maple flavored, chicken breakfast sausage at Trader Joe’s too! You talk about delicious!  And it is literally the best sausage I’ve ever had!

In August on a date night where the hubby prepared steaks for us, I, unfortunately had a bit of a mishap and suffered getting stuck on food. I’ve had this happen over the years off and on, but never this bad. It’s a tendency it seemed I inherited through my dad and his dad. After an emergency endoscope I was asked to return for a follow-up endoscope a couple of weeks ago for biopsies. The one for my esophagus showed inflammation after two and a half months and the presence of white blood cells.

The nurse for my gastroenterologist called to inform me that it appears I could have a condition called eosinophilic esophagitis. She advised I look into it and informed me about a liquid prescription needing to be mixed at a pharmacy I’ll need to drink, and that I could need to see an allergist. Apparently, like I always suspected, the incidents are related to food allergies. Pollen allergies can occur but are only about 1% of the cases.

The common food allergies leading to irritation of the auto immune disease are wheat, eggs, soy, dairy, tree nuts, and shellfish. One suggestion is a 6 elimination diet. That suggests removing all 6 items from your diet right away and after a few weeks adding the items back one at a time to see what irritates you. Brent and I kinda freak on that. What on earth is left to eat? Lol.

Another idea is seeing the allergist and allowing them to suggest what foods you appear allergic to and cutting them from your diet. Ironically, several years back I saw an allergist and was told I had food allergies but nothing that would kill me, just watch my limits. On that list was in the order of worse to least was eggs, cow’s milk, soy, and almond.

We also laugh because of our started dietary changes before now. It seems we were on the right track and it’s totally understandable now why I showed aversions to foods.

One thing that gets me though is people act like, “oh, you can get away with a bite,” or prepare food with the ingredients despite you informing them of your need to change it. Eosinophilic esophagitis has risen dramatically since its main discovery in the last two decades. If people share they have a peanut allergy or bee allergy or a shellfish allergy everyone alters menus or caters to avoiding it. Yet, as I check labels or explain we’ve eliminated wheat or dairy, people act as though it’s merely a lifestyle choice, instead of realizing it’s because of a medical condition. If left untreated, eosinophilic esophagitis can lead to the cells moving to the gut and/or one day leading the abnormal cells to alter to cancer.

What gets me is also people acting like it’s crazy to cut it out. Yes, it was a lifestyle choice because I noticed how my body responded. Now, I have a medical discovery and potential diagnosis to back that up.

As I go through the next stages, I will be updating and helping spread the word on this condition so others may realize they could have the same thing. I also hope it brings attention and awareness for others too, that diet is not always about weight loss, but also for health conditions.

Now, off to the kitchen to start some firmer fixes!

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