Grateful for November 

November is here! Time for Temps to cool more. The leaves have just about ended their fall. Now,  comes the cooking, baking, shopping, wrapping, feasting, and celebrating

Not only is Thanksgiving fast approaching, but it’s also a time to recall our veterans and those putting their lives on the line for us. And, for me too, it’s the start of open enrollment for the health insurance. My daily job includes assisting individuals and families with understanding the law, what is required, completing the financial assistance application, and shopping for a plan. So, you can imagine how busy I am getting. My schedule is filling up quickly.

But, I always have time for my family, my prority. We will be hosting Thanksgiving again this year. Brent’s smoking turkey breasts. So super yummy how he does! (Have I mentioned how awesome my husband’s cooking is? Because it is!) I’m delving into preparing the cornbread stuffing this year. There will be green bean casserole and pumpkin. Of course, we’re trying hard to adhere to our diet with no wheat and limited dairy, especially because of the new condition I’ve been discovered to have (more on that to follow in another post). I’m figuring out decor, centerpieces, and more. I can’t wait.

I love the holidays and celebrating with the people I love. What do you all do for the next two months?

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