A Bit of Healing Aromas: Essential Oil Diffusers 

Essential oils are fantastic ways to heal oneself naturally! They truly are therapeutic!

I noticed I was getting more and more stuffed up in an office where constant air conditioning and constant heater use dried the air out far too much. Along with discovering my husband could not sleep too well overnight, I started researching how the oils could help. Plus, I remembered how our humidifier helped too.

That’s when I discovered how awesome essential oil diffusers are. I couldn’t plug in a wax warmer at work or use candles and wanted to deodorize my office. Sprays worked, but were only temporary. So, what could be better than a diffuser that produced a steady stream of cool mist, infused with therapeutic oils that healed the body while providing a pleasant aroma?
Enter the Baxia Essential Oil Ultra Cool Mist Diffuser! Amazon currently offers a 2 pack for about $25. I ordered the 2 pack, one for home and one for my office. The mist is steady, strong, and amazing! I’m never congested like I was before. I love and combination of peppermint, lemongrass, and spearmint for the oils.

I have a couple of coworkers who now have jumped on board too, each ordering and using clove or peppermint too. I even tried basil for a change, greatly helped my sinuses. It holds 100ml of water, then just a drop or 2 of the oil and viola! My husband and I love it with a relaxation blend of cedarwood and lavender by our bedside.

Another plus, super easy to clean! But the best part? I love the different colors you can put the light to go on with as I relax to the diffusing oils or do yoga!  This has been a great addition to home and office. My coworkers love it and so do my clients!

2 thoughts on “A Bit of Healing Aromas: Essential Oil Diffusers 

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  1. I use one in the classroom when I’m teaching little ones to calm them down or energize them for their studies. I think they love it more than I do. 😅


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