A Signature Scent

Find a perfect perfume or fragrance sometimes can be a chore. I remember meeting Jane Seymour on the Dr. Quinn set years ago and loving her perfume. It was Amarige by Givenchy and perfect. I had a bottle and always received compliments. Then, suddenly, it was gone as I glanced through displays and if I did come across it, the price stayed relatively high. Recently, it started showing up again, at a fraction of the price.

There’s been a few other scents I’ve tried, but I alays seemed to favor amber titled ones. Of course, using cheaper drug store body mists or higher end bath&body shops, they never lingered so much.

For my birthday, I received a gift card to one of my favorite places to shop when I have a little extra money, Ulta. As I scanned around, I noticed a display for Pacifica, several different roller bottled perfumes and spray type. I really liked the Tahitian Breeze and Orange ones.

Yet, when I picked up the Pacifica Sugared Amber Dreams, one spritz and I was in love. For $20, I found a good quality, natural perfume that just fit. My husband loved it even.

One morning I sprayed it on my pulse points, ran a brush misted with it through my hair, and my husband kept asking who was making cinnamon rolls or what as I sat beside him. It is like a big, nice scent of baking. Plus, the scent lasts. I can smell it on my hairbrush a week later. I strongly recommend it.

Check it out!

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