First Snow Expected

So, here comes our expected first snow here in the Colorado cities along the eastern slopes of the Rockies. The peaks sure got a powdering lately, but we’ve had fog, thunderstorms, and warmer daytime temps. Now, today is 70 out, but starting tonight is rain, wind, chills.

Image by Brent Touchstone,

Tomorrow will be a big high of 35, a bit early in the season, and one to three inches of the white stuff. Granted, I don’t think the ground is cold enough yet, but it’ll be icy after rain this evening. And starting tomorrow evening till the next morning, it’ll be a freeze warning.

So, just to ensure we’re warm and ready, we’re preparing. I’m getting my snow gear together, checking on the car, ready to ride in our jeep to work. The husband is turning off outside water lines, checking our generator, making sure the pellet stove is stocked, and covering up the fan out to the big porch upstairs.

Image off my cell phone of North Lake, 10/07/2017

I’m not quite ready for this part, especially after we checked out all our fall colors we’re finally getting yesterday. I just put out the fall decor. But, get this, it’ll be 70 by the day after and stick around again!

Image by Brent Touchstone,

Welcome to autumn in the Rockies!

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