Dealing with Rudeness

While some people out there still exhibit proper etiquette and manners, unfortunately, we also must deal with a rising feeling of people growing more self absorbed, preoccupied, or in a hurry. Therefore, more often than we may prefer, we encounter those with less than ideal behavior. If we’re not careful, it is all too easy to fall into the trap of rising frustration leading us to mirror these behaviors.

One of my major pet peeves is when someone fails to get back to me. Frequently in the recents months, it seems people appear all too eager to jump on board with plans and ideas. However, when it comes down to it, they do not follow through. Of course, I hear the story of how busy they were or how they just didn’t know if they could. My problem with this is why can’t they be realistic to begin with and think before saying they’re in. Often this infuriates me at times when it interrupts my plans or my agenda and prevents me from enjoying things. This happens with our business and with personal life too.

I think today too many people speak without thinking. We see it all the time with opinions and “expert” advice. Then once it backfires or comes out it wasn’t right, the speakers suddenly back track or blame someone else. It’s an epidemic if you ask me. Think about it. We all probably have the newfound friends we’re excited to meet up with again, telling us they can’t wait to do something or have dinner. Yet, months and days pass and every invite is ignored. Or worse yet, we see they went ahead to the event they wanted you to go with them to the next occurrence posted on Facebook posts with them present, and, oddly, you not present. There’s the business who tells you they can’t wait to partner with you and submit your bid for the project. After all your hard work, no reply. Or the client who rushes you with a last minute project, aware you have a busy agenda, promises clear up until two minutes before the scheduled time it’s a go when suddenly, “nope, cancelled.” (Another thing that really grates my nerves too is when they know you rearranged your schedule and can’t be bothered to acknowledge that with an, “I’m sorry,” as cancelling.) I’m one who likes to resort to the old, “That sounds like fun, but let me check my schedule first.” (And actually, I fall back on saying I need to check with the hubby first now that we’re married, lol, but shouldn’t I?)

So, how do we cope? With a few simple moves.

  • Take a deep breath: Realize that whether we like it or not, some things are beyond our control. We’ve all had times where we opened our mouth in excitement. Then, real life strikes. So, take that deep breath and realize things are not always personal.
  • Be prepared to do things on your own: Like the old saying of no one will take care of you but yourself, just be ready to go about your plans and day despite failed connections. Some of us might not enjoy going to dinner on our own. Ok, I get that myself. However, just know that sometimes we need to be flexible and have a back up plan in place. So you’re not going out with your friends after all. That’s when you have an awesome dinner as a stand by – maybe fast food should you choose or ordering take out or even just an awesome microwave dinner if you prefer not to cook. Personally, I like the take out or having a great set of groceries on hand to have fun with my hubby preparing.
  • Smile: It’s easy to grit our teeth or sigh heavily when things don’t work out. Rather than let it ruin you day, put a smile on your face and enjoy your own company!

The point is things happen! But it’s best to be upfront and honest in general. And everything is fixable and just be flexible!

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