My Favorite Time of Year!

It’s official! It’s been the autumn season for a week now. Every year I start thinking through the freezing months that I must love summer. In California growing up, I sure did seem to love summer more: no school, nice weather, great vacations, and it was an obvious change of the four seasons. After about six months of the white stuff and chill, it’s easy to think that summer may be a favorite. Sure, lots of things happen more in summer around here because people can get out and about more. Yet, once the golden and amber leaves appear along with the patchwork quilts on the hills, I start realizing I think autumn is more my season. I may not be anticipating the dreaded four letter word of S-N-O-W that follows, but I do love fall.

It’s the season of pumpkins, spices, apple pie, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and change all around. Time for leggings, skinny jeans, boots, cardigans, and scarves to appear. There’ll be sitting around the firepit or the pellet stove, glowing warm in the mornings. Cinnamon and mulled cider, cooler evenings and actual more comfortable temps than not come about in bundles. Maple and pecan flavored everything seem cozier. And the start of our holiday season emerges.

I guess there’s a reason I chose autumn for our wedding too. After all riding the Durango Silverton Railroad for fall leaves was when he proposed and we decided to go back for our honeymoon. Plus, it is the season when we met! Out of the four seasons, I can safely say, autumn wins time and time again!

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