A Touch of Autumn Starts

As another summer somewhat winds to an end as the traditional symbol of Labor Day passes, I’m amazed we’re actually having temps increase. Yet, tomorrow should only be 63 out. While driving around the ranches, I sense autumn in the landscape, more yellow and orange flowers emerging, dotting the roadsides. Sunflowers start to wither slightly, and the days fade before 7:30pm once more. I can’t believe the cooler months are starting.

September is our anniversary month too. It will mark two years since I walked down the aisle at my parents’ property full of excitement and ready to commit myself to sharing this great journey and adventure with my husband. I must say, I find myself just growing more and more in love with him daily. It seems the difficulties we faced shortly after our marriage, through his illness, moving, and just changes in our situation as a result, ebbed and, now, it’s like in some ways I feel we’re experiencing that first year bliss we should as newlyweds now. It’s actually hard to explain it. We’re also, yes, trying for a family, as I know some wonder. We’re working on methods as, of course, being in our 30s makes it not quite as easy. However, I’m so glad that we waited and found each other. We’re sure of who we are, settled in our goals, and both so much more grateful for what we do share. Plus, there’s plenty of experience we can use to help us raise a child. It’s a journey though with some disappointments, but also fun and joy, and a patient understanding and acceptance that it will happen when and if it’s meant to. In the meantime, we are sure enjoying our time together too.

Last weekend, we finally went camping for our first time this summer. Ms Diva was able to share the fun with us. It was a blast and a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday. Along with this,I prepared a few, new items: a coconut leave-in conditioner spray, make up remover wipes, and a spray on dry shampoo. I can’t believe how simple! There will be posts up soon on this. Forget trips to the store to pay double or triple I just spent to mix my own batch! We’ve started shopping for our groceries at Trader Joe’s now too. I’m all about natural, non GMO products now. Plus, it saves us a ton for healthier food. Hard to believe we spend half of what we would at a local chain store for the same amount of groceries, but we’re eating better for ourselves.

We’ll be following that too. In the meantime, I’m dreaming up tons of ideas for blogs. Do you have any that interest you which you’d love to see me share about? The hubby and I are also seeking more time to share adventures and videos with everyone too.

With fall coming in too, I feel the urge for my favorite flowers, the beautiful sunflowers, to be present on my dining table, the start of golden mums, and rich maroons to start filtering. I’m not quite ready for winter’s cold to freeze things around here, but I do love the change of seasons that washes over the Rockies. The thought of cooler evenings with our new pellet stove burning, soft cardigans, boots and leggings, and crocheting again, cuddling around our firepit on the porch, that sounds awesome to me. It’s so beautiful with the amber and scarlet leaves falling to the ground. There’s a patchwork quilt scene visible from our land out toward the Sangre De Cristos of the mountains. Change is good. And a perfect time to start projects for this blog. Cooking, decorating, DIY, and adventures await. And I hope you’ll join in.

On a last note, I just have to say congrats to the Duke &Duchess of Cambridge!Baby #3 on the way! It was such a wonderful announcement to awake to. Just wish she didn’t need to suffer the severe morning sickness along the way. With all the horrible news going on (our country’s divisions, North Korea, Hurricane Harvey, the wildfires of Montana and Washington) the baby news lifted the mood of the day. After those photos of them in Germany and Belgium, Kate was purely glowing and they looked so in love. I’m very happy for them.

So, I’ll sit here and work up my next blog post for you… As I do, what would you like to see me blog about? 

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