A New Cut – Inspired by a Duchess

So, after wishing a great bit of joy and warm wishes to Will & Kate over the announcement of a new, royal bundle of joy expected, I also realized I had yet to share one change I’ve had these summer months too.

Over the years, I’ve kept my hair longer. For some odd reason, I always end up missing my length and the options for styling if I go shorter. Of course, I’ve also cut my hair pretty short in the past. Years ago in 8th grade, I wore it all shore into a Julie Andrews style cut. But after a few months let it start growing out again. And, even just about six years ago I chopped it into the angled bob at my chin, shorter in the back.

As Kate Middleton emerged on the scene while becoming the Duchess of Cambridge I adored her hair. The long, thick, flowing bouncy curls was how I loved wearing my hair. I’ve always loved it, even look back to my Dr. Quinn inspired days when I wore it down to my waist like Jane Seymour. I have fine hair, but a great deal of it so my hair is pretty thick. It’s medium brown and sports some red tresses with also a touch of wave.

I noticed though that lately it felt my hair was getting weighed down, a little flat and heavy. Plus, I felt this huge rush for a change. I thought of chopping it shoulder length but it scared me. I’d miss the length and couldn’t pull it back. Would the hubby miss it? Of course, it’s hair and will grow back, but I also had tons of split ends creeping higher and higher up. The hubby told me he just asked I leave it long enough to where he can run his hands through it. So, maybe I best just leave it alone.

Then, the images of Catherine arriving at Wimbledon emerged, her hair shorter by roughly six inches. It was a noticeable chop, and yet not too short at all. She could still twirl it up into other styles. Yet, it looked bouncier, lighter, and dare I say quite becoming on her (as if she wasn’t already great with it long too). And the media praised it as the big cut of the summer, a lob called the “Kob.”

That’s when I decided to compare my hair. The mid layer I’d trimmed in my hair was roughly about the same length as the Duchess’ new tresses, resting just below my shoulders. I could probably just ask my stylist to use that as a guide to cut the rest. So, I made the appointment, knowing I’d need a split end trim anyway, and decided to cut it.

Let me just say: I’m actually glad I did. My hair is lighter, the bounce back. It takes me not nearly as long to style. It’s so much easier to manage, even simple frizz gone. Plus, the hubby likes it. Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem many noticed. Yet, I did get more compliments afterwards on how my hair was looking. Now, I have to add too I’m slimming down a bit as we go wheat free and cut the sodas, so maybe my face is shaped a little different, but I love it.

What do you think?

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