From the Desk of Michelle…


Wow, summer is flying by, isn’t it? While I look forward to the changing array of colors in fall, I also don’t seek out the start of winter nearing. For the most part, it’s been a very WET year in the Rockies, and also a little cooler off and on, and a lot calmer of a summer.

However, we’ve been super busy too! Off and on family visits from both sides, training, running around, and one quick ER night for me (nothing major, just an emergency endoscope needed) just two weeks ago, there’s been not a whole lot of time to catch up. I am definitely looking forward to a camping trip with my honey and our girls too coming up. I need my burst of nature and quiet. It just feels like everything got too caught up in rushing.

Yet, I’m excited at a few prospects on the horizon. I’ve also decided to commit to blogging once a week. Many new blog ideas are at the forefront on my mind and I look forward to sharing them with you. So, please bear with me. I know my honey and I are ready to reach out and start sharing info with you!

On a sadder note, we ended up having to give away our rabbits and chickens. Unfortunately, on the 4th of July, our worst concern became reality as we were away on a drive with the dogs. We came home to find that our efforts to build a fence didn’t finish in time and a bear visited us. We lost a chicken, finding the lone survivor in the bushes nearby unharmed. But didn’t feel it was right keeping her here all alone. Luckily, we have a very nice friend in town who raises chickens and she took her in for us. The rabbits we worried too much about after and decided it just wasn’t going to work right now. Plus, no matter what, we never had babies as we hoped. So, we found them new homes too. It’s sad to see them go, but just better over all for us. Now, Brent can focus more on photography, the greens, and getting us situated on the ranch.


Again, more blogs coming! I promise! Thank you for your ongoing support!

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