Time for the Outdoors

Wow! July arrives tomorrow! Where does time go?

Not sure about everyone else, but I feel a great desire to take off on outdoor adventures. A day shooting my bow & arrows would be awesome. Or even just lounging out in the warm, delicious sun while reading.

I’ve searched lately for hiking trails, ready to lace up my boots and slather on the eucalyptus oil as a natural bug deterrent. Honestly, I think the hubby seemed a little surprised when I shared I can’t wait to hike a trail with him. I’ve always loved going, but with my changes in lifestyle and healthy habits, the energy is there now! Yeah, yoga!

Plus, I miss kayaking out on Jackson Lake in the Tetons again… that was truly a HUGE favorite for me in my absolutely most adored place ever. I may need to return there ASAP.

But what do you guys enjoy? Anyone else feeling the urge to get out there?

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