Wheat & Soda Free Life 

This month features us going entirely wheat free. That means any compound or binding ingredient with a derivative of wheat is a huge no no as well. This is all in hopes of resetting how our bodies break down wheat to avoid inflammation in the future.

Along with this, I also have been 2 weeks now with no soda and no creamer in my coffee. The coffee bit was not much of a stretch for me. With an allergy to eggs and cow’s milk I was ready. Of course, the allergy won’t kill me; I just have to watch my limits of it. Instead, I cut out sugar all together and am using vanilla flavored coconut milk and just a couple of drops. I’ve long loved coconut milk! Super yummy, the least processed, and just never gets to me.

Soda was a little harder. As an avid drinker of 2 liters of water a day, the idea of a variety of taste vanishing worried me. Yet, this is the easiest time I’ve ever faced switching. We started drinking Sparkling Ice flavored waters with no aspartame with our light mixed drink at night. Then I switched to unsweetened iced tea otherwise.

One other drink I discovered through my cafeteria at the hospital where I work. The enzymes I usually take have wheat present. So, they’re a no go. Now, after eggs, and maybe other times, I rely on a ginger ale. However, regular ginger ale is not appropriate. 

Bai has these awesome 5 calorie sparkling drinks with no added sugars. It’s entirely fruit flavors and tons of antioxidants. So, it’s healthy. The kola one tastes to me like a cherry cola. So, in the event I seek a sweet drink, I can find that. They also have a root beer in the cafeteria I haven’t tried yet. But the one I’m loving and helping me is the Jambi Ginger Ale. Literally 5 calories, no sugar, and chalked full of natural ingredients and antioxidants it is awesome when I need bubbly or my tummy has any unease.

This morning I discovered too they also have a Super Purified Water infused with Antioxidants called Antiwater. So giving it a go. It’s pretty good in its 28.4 FL oz bottle. If I forget my liter bottle it’s a good option to fill the gap. It’s got coffee fruit extract, electrolytes, and selenium present.

I’m telling you it’s been so good switching again. I missed it and always love how I feel once I do. Plus it follows suit how yoga makes us aware of our body and I only want to put good things in it. Now, even a sip of soda is WAY too sweet to think of. 

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