The Duchess and Cropped Pants – Is it a Do?

So, I found to my delight on Friday morning that the Duchess of Cambridge visited the 1851 Trust for the sailing enthusiast children. A huge treat: she opted for cropped trousers versus her usual skinny jeans! While I adore her skinny jeans and have a couple of pairs myself, it was so nice to see her change it up a bit, especially after many comments on blogs were about that she should not just wears skinnies.

Yet, here she changed up her look and still there were detractors that had to make me laugh. Some say it just looks ridiculous, but I think it looks great on her! Here’s a photo from a fellow blogger who follows the Duchess:

duchess of cambridge land rover bar roadshow

Of course, the irony is I’ve been searching for an absolutely fabulous pair of ankle pants or cropped trousers myself for over a month now! I love to wear them to work. For some reason, maybe the hazard of a small town with only Walmart really, they won’t carry them in store. I found a pair via JC Penny one day, but they were a little snug. So, I have to try again.

I can’t believe how pricey they cost, even for just a simple pair that doesn’t look just like leggings. I ADORE THESE THAT KATE WORE! Yet, really not at all in my budget for a pair of pants. I think I found something similar via Amazon though at this link and for only $21. Hmmm… I’m not sure, but I may just find out.

In the meantime, what do you guys think? With summer heat rising, do you think cropped pants or ankle pants are a do? And any suggestions on where to purchase great but easily affordable ones?

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