Smooth Body: Awesome Body Butter

Along with, of course, taking care of our face, we must remember that the rest of our bodies require moisture too throughout the day. Sure, I drink a liter of day throughout daylight hours. Then, I consume another liter of water once I return home from work. However, that’s not quite enough, especially in a very dry, arid mountain climate like here in Southern Colorado. There are days I feel downright flaky! Maybe even scaly like a snake!

That’s why I consider lotion an absolute must! And, our skin will thank us for it later. Keeping all our skin supple and dewy also prevents the signs of premature aging and wrinkles. Who doesn’t want a fountain of youth to keep us appearing younger?


I’ve tried using baby oil lathered all over my skin before I towel off from a shower, and I love it! I’ve also made sure my body scrub (post to come) contains essential oils and other nurturing oils that I don’t even need the step of lotion or baby oil as I dry off.

However, what about when we aren’t showering or bathing? What about those days when we’re taking off to work or out and about anytime? That’s where I highly recommend a delicious body butter!

My body butter product is really simple. I combine only a very few ingredients together that bring about AMAZING results! You can ask anyone at my job – I LOVE BODY BUTTERS! In fact, people frequently enter my office in search of one. So, you can imagine my huge surprise when I discovered how simple it was to have an all natural product that actually delivered results WAY better than any other body butter I experienced.


With my body butter you can delve into a sea of coconut oil and shea butter. They are whipped together in perfect combination. Coconut oil adds moisture and the shea butter locks it in, shielding your skin from the sun and wind’s drying forces. I love how smooth it glides on from the jar, melting slowly into the skin, and the best part: No greasy residue! My husband uses it, my mother uses it. I use it constantly. One other great part: it lasts a great deal of time before I need another batch.


I’m telling you, an all natural body butter is insanely awesome! Your skin will thank you for it. I know mine has. Even better news is that I’m not adding a bunch of weird chemicals I can’t pronounce or scents to my skin. Our skin really does act as our filter. We shouldn’t let nasty things enter our bodies through it and we shouldn’t make our body fight harder to rid itself of unnatural things back as it detoxes through the skin. Trust me, your skin will thank you!

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