Nature’s Dew: Face Cream

So, what naturally ought to follow a facial scrub is a moisturizer. And through my products, an all natural face cream just makes the perfect companion. 

Combining coconut oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E oil, rosemary oil, and frankincense oil, the face cream brilliantly provides moisture to the skin of the face. Coconut oil prevents bacteria and other foes from spreading. It’s also quite a natural means for treating acne. 

The cocoa butter richly lathers on a more dewy complexion and allows just a small touch to spread delicately across the canvas of your face. With the face cream, a little goes a long way. Just a tiny bit will easily melt as it meets and covers the skin.

I adore the smell of rosemary blending with the cocoa butter! Rosemary is a known antiflammatory and helps with redness. It also addresses breakouts and helps control oil production. The frankincense also is a bit antiseptic with the added plus that it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Vitamin E adds more moisture and healing properties. It eases scars and imperfections that may arise on the surface while also settling in to remove dullness. All in all, the ingredients merge to provide the best defense against the elements encountered in our day to day lives.

Every morning, I apply a light coating of the face cream to my skin, allowing it to soak in for at least 10 minutes before I apply any make up. I stopped using foundation just over a year ago and only use concealer as needed. The face cream just creates a real dewy and glowing complexion. I love breakouts vanishing quickly once I put the cream over it! Even old acne scars have vanished since I started using it.

After I clean my face in the evening with the facial scrub, I follow up before hitting the pillows with a light coat of the face cream. It’s even lightened the dark circles under my eyes. All of it natural too! Knowing I’m not putting any harsh chemicals or ingredients onto my skin to be absorbed into my body adds to how awesome I’m starting to feel. It’s like a little piece of heaven!

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