Precious Me Time – Yoga


About a year and a half ago, I somehow managed to catch the yoga buzz. I always read about yoga, thought it would be interesting, even tried out Pilates a bit, but never got myself set on it. A pin on a board on Pinterest somehow spurred me forward as it showed off the 11 moves for beginners.

At first, I started at my desk and then during conference calls of program updates I would engage in breaks of yoga routines. Eventually I added more and more, leading my 15 minute session into quickly 20 minute sessions. While the hubby and I lived in the RV last year for a few months with the house building, I managed to squeeze in a session most days too.

Before I knew it, I felt so empowered and loved every bit of the sensation as my muscles and body stretched and eased tension from them. Then, I started adding more intense poses. After I spent a day shooting my new bow, I noticed how horribly sore I felt. One quick yoga routine and I was back to feeling great, no pain ever. It far surpassed the ibprofen I would’ve taken normally.

It wasn’t just these awesome benefits alone that made yoga a new favorite. Along with tweaking pain and stretching away, it grew into a therapy. The stress leaving my body was an instant fix. Followed by this, my mind was more centered and I easily could relax. In many ways, it let me listen more often to my body. I became more aware of the foods and drinks I put in my body and also knew what made my body feel stronger and what felt less.

Here it is about 16 months later and I’ll tell you one thing: I sure miss my yoga even on the days I skip for rest in between sessions. I’m working out, growing stronger, gaining flexibility, toning my body, increasing my metabolism, and adding other workouts in more and more like walking and spinning. It’s become a great ME time celebration and one worthy of celebration.

Recently, I discovered a new channel on YouTube from Yoga With Adriene and I love, LOVE her videos and blogs. Yoga with Adriene is where you can find her blog. She explains everything so great and helps me with my flow and that I’m performing poses correctly. I highly recommend it!

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