We’re Homesteading for 2017!

Living in the mountains on 35 acres sometimes causes headaches, mainly worrying about a good 4 wheel drive vehicle to get down the mountain to work really in snow. Yet, most of the time, it is awesome. We get to wake up to not a sound by birds (and our adorable doggies prancing to see us). There’s nothing blocking us from gorgeous sights. And we frequently have wildlife walking through our immediate area.

Part of our goals changed too. The hubby decided he wanted to supplement our grocery bill by breeding and raising rabbits for meat. We’ve basically only started this endeavor with two does and a buck. It’s going to be hard, but the relief at least is that we are keeping our original three throughout everything. Rabbit meat surprisingly has tons of benefits, including artery repair and being awesomely lean for low blood pressure.

Along with this, my man also decided he would use some Aerogrardens and grow some herbs. Currently, we have dill, basil, mint, and parsley growing in one Aerogarden. In another, we’ve started miniature tomatoes. In a third, we’re supplied with three different kinds of lettuce for our salads. Super yummy! Then, he’s started up microgreens as well with sprouts. These are awesome, especially when added to the homemade egg drop soup I’ve made on our cold, wintery days. Another adventure for him is Blue Oyster Mushrooms which he’s obtained 2 crops from and last time delighted us with the most awesome appetizer: fried mushrooms with garlic and onion (pictured below). His next addition hopes to be some chickens or quail for our eggs and we hope to purchase seeds and plants soon for berries.

As he’s been doing this, I started up crocheting. I LOVE IT! It is so relaxing and I quickly get carried away, not realizing how much time has passed. Since I’m very new to it (try New Year’s Eve as my start), I haven’t really started much on patterns. However, I do think I’m getting the hang of it quite well. It’s a nice hobby to pass the time.

I’m also now making homemade jams more frequently. My Christmas gifts to the family were blackberry jam, strawberry jam, then a sugar body scrub, and a whipped coconut oil body butter I made too. The hubby threw in some of his homemade beef jerky to go along with it. Plus, he’s brewed a great batch of a Colorado Amber Ale to enjoy.
In case, too, no one knew, we adopted another dog this fall. Really, it was one we decided to invite to keep with us as my in-laws left because she got on so well with Bailey. So, now, we are a family of 4. Aren’t they just adorable????

On another note, I binge watched The Crown on Netflix over the New Year’s. I loved it. I highly recommend any royal watcher. My respect and admiration for the Queen rose even more so…

And that’s all from the ranch today!

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