Too Long a Delay

Dear Readers,

I apologize so much for the long delay. I can’t believe it’s been 3 months! After a very chaotic summer of moving us into the house as it was completed, my husband and I tried to get back on our feet and caught up. Unfortunately, that also delayed us in time to write this blog.


Add in a few weeks of a kidney stone nightmare for the hubby with visits in and out of the hospital just as Thanksgiving approached and not to mention Open Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act in which I am the sole health coverage guide to assist individuals with their insurance needs in my entire county. However, that is not an excuse and I am so sorry for not updating.

On the positive side though, my husband and I have started homesteading! He will be raising rabbits and breeding them. Along with this, we also are growing a garden of vegetables and herbs, including mushrooms and tomatoes to substitute our grocery needs. I’ve also started many homemade items including luxurious bath salts, scrubs, and lotions in addition to jams. He also is creating beef jerky tailored to tastes and fruit leather. So, we’ve started to truly adapt to the county living, but yet living with grace. I’ve also started up stress relief through adult coloring books and also as I start learning how to crochet.


Many more blog entries await, including a couple this coming weekend with the new year. My resolution is to get back on track and proceed with updates on how to live With A Little Touch of Grace as we continue developing our life on the ranch.

With much love and gratitude,


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