Adventures in Starting to Homestead & the Royal Canadian Tour – Outfits to Die For

Well, we’re officially moved into our house. After six months of residing on the property with us as they finish the interior, the in-laws have headed home to Texas and we are left to put our touch on our home and set up shop. With everything all brand new, yet smaller than we had before, we’ve had fun incorporating both of us into the home. Our previous home I’d lived in on my own for several years before meeting the hubby and we were slowly bringing him into it. Now, this is full on a reflection of both of us from start to finish. It wasn’t too hard to bring in some classic refinement to our humble abode though. Especially because I have a hubby who loves my classic taste.

Our bedset is almost a key focal point inside the house, updated with a new comforter set to be both masculine and feminine

The outside, on the other hand, is not quite so set up yet. This will definitely take a touch of refinement from us. Yesterday, for the second Saturday, my hubby spent hours raking and weeding the landscape around the entrance. We plotted, and I laid out a quick draw up of our plan to make the outside just as rewarding and comfy to us. I also went on Etsy and discovered an amazing shop called Natural Potions that specializes in seeds for many plants, some even medicinal. We’ve put together our shopping cart already and I can’t wait to see what awaits us. 

My hubby hard at work in the morning, still clearing out more of the weeds and undergrowth natural to the land

Part of our goal for the ranch life too is not only peace and quiet in the country, but also to get it to work for us. Some people think ranches and think cattle or horses. Well, unfortunately, we will have neither (I would have LOVED horses – I’m a huge horse lover and ride whenever trips allow which is not too often I’m afraid). The ranch community is in agreement with a cattle ranch to allow their cattle to open range up here every summer until October.This keeps our property taxes low as an agricultural zone. So, indeed, that is cattle enough for me. However, we do intend to purchase rabbits and also quail for us. Not many know but I do have an allergy to eggs and also cow’s milk. Of course, neither allergy will kill me, but I must watch my limits and not go overboard.I do know that when I consume the products I am indeed not feeling too keen afterward. The hubby has researched and found that rabbits are amazing for meat and not too costly. Quail eggs are considered a delicacy and have been shown to not bother people with egg allergies as it is not chicken eggs.

A few hours later, the area is almost clear and I planted my wildflower seeds in a little bed, carved out with rocks to mark where our paths will go. It’ll be a nice outdoor area as the hubby grills too

Along with this, we are going to plant herbs and vegetables.The husband has already started and now we’ll add a few more seeds. One lucky thing was we discovered wild Colorado tomatoes growing just outside our front door. So, we transplanted it to help it grow minus the weeds around it and are waiting to see. But so exciting!

Replanted a wild Colorado tomato plant growing just outside our door
Our other herbs and veggies we’ve began on our homestead

After the Tetons vacation I know we shared a huge love for the huckleberry margaritas we shared there. Huckleberries will indeed be a treat in our homestead project.However, yesterday as I researched I was amazed to learn that huckleberries are good for digestion, blood sugar, and other remedies. I can’t wait to start planting those seeds. We will definitely be sharing a lot more blogs now that some peace and quiet has returned but also along the way of our homesteading project.
But also with this post I wanted to share how I’ve been observing the Royal Canadian Tour the past week and I must say, “Wow!” Not only was it so fun to see how adorable the young Prince and Princess were, but also to see how incredible William and Kate are with one another. They both really are growing into their roles and still seem so in love. One thing that frequently shocked me was how the media seemed surprised they appeared to provide loving glances to one another after five years of marriage. Really? Imagine a married couple in love and hanging onto what made them fall in love every day. Brent and I laugh as we seem more and more in love with each other and more lovey dovey now officially one year and a week since our wedding day.

Yet, what I loved was the Canadian sights too! I love Canada. There are fond memories from my childhood of visiting with my grandfather and family. However, I never made it to the west coast or Yukon, just to Banff and Lake Louise/Glacier area. The photos from their travels really struck my interest.

Kate checks out the rainforest and scenes with style in Canada

And Kate’s wardrobe was awesome! She shared more laid back and casual looks with us on this tour and I loved them. The day of her trip to the rainforest, her trench and boots with the delightful blue sweater and skinny jeans – I could see myself wearing this around here for a dressed-up casual Friday or a date night easily. It was just so cute!

An easy look with class I could fit into my work wardrobe with no problem as Kate spends her final day in Canada

Then I adored the nice white blazer, shell, and the black skinny jeans she wore yesterday on their more indoor visits on the last day. It looked like something I’d wear to work and was so new for her to show us. That is definitely one look I want to emulate. 

My favorite look! Where can I find a sweater just like this in an affordable price range? Kate has great taste!

But by far my favorite look was her gray, wool cardigan and skinny jeans with knee high boots in Carcross! LOVE THAT SWEATER!!!!!! So wish I could find an affordable alternative just like it! (Any hints????? If so, please share!) I love wearing my skinny jeans for a casual day and the sweater just struck me as so cozy and comfy for ranch, autumn days and mild winter ones as well. Not to mention, I’d wear it to work in a heartbeat with my dress pants and heels. So now I’m on the hunt for a similar item in my wardrobe. 
And many more posts to start appearing again – sorry for the delay with our company for six months and also building. It just got too chaotic. But now follow along again with our homesteading and adding refinement around the ranch.

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