One Year and Counting

A year ago today I married the man of my dreams. I still can’t believe I found him, or more he found me. After time passing and believing I’d never find my Prince Charming, he walked into my life like a gift. Every day I adore this man more and more and cherish every minute of our precious time together.

He makes me laugh and smile and always manages to touch my heart and soul along the way. His integrity, determination, and lovable nature always win my heart. Watching him strive for his passions and chase his dreams amazes me.

And, now, he’s built us a home together on the ranch, slaved away at something I know he’s not too fond of (construction) to put a roof over our heads. His next goal is to homestead for us on the ranch, vegetables, herbs, fruits, and some livestock in efforts to create a more natural, healthy life together, and to contribute to our family.

Happy anniversary, babe! I’d never trade you in a million years and can’t imagine a life without you in it. You’re truly my best friend! 

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