What We Wish For…

There’s an old saying regarding be careful what one wishes for because we may just get it. In my case, I’m glad I wasn’t careful.Back when I was a teen my favorite television series of all time was “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” and it continues to reign as such today as I’m in my 30s. Even visiting the set and watching the filming, as my friends and I posed for photographs with the cast, and carried on conversations with Jane Seymour even, my friends would tell them how much the show resembled my life. I was the youngest of all girls (2 girls versus 5 in my family), loved medicine, had a big age gap, lived in a city on the coast and vowed to move to Colorado… LOL.

Now, here I am, at basically the same age Dr. Quinn was on the series, and find myself reflecting with the passing of my birthday year. One of my old high school friends commented upon my engagement even, “You finally found your Sully (Dr. Quinn’s love interest and mountain man turned family man husband).” My husband attempts watching the show with me and we’re amazed thinking over similarities. 

First, again, I am the youngest of girls in my family – no brothers. My sister is about 7 years older than myself. She had the boyfriends and popularity while I was noted as the bookworm, brainy one. This reflects much like Dr. Quinn herself. I grew up in the city very near Los Angeles with a modest family, often told I take after my father. I was incredibly close to my grandfather in my case too while Dr. Quinn was quite close to her father. 

Second, I always showed an interest in medicine, taking years of classes even. The only reason I didn’t go through with it was I worried about being on-call or also having the years of internship and residency before me. Yet, I nonetheless always research medical conditions and remedies and quite frequently am called upon by friends and peers to offer an opinion on the subject. One bit of irony, my husband is an LPN, and we both also display a great akin to natural remedies such as what Dr. Quinn explores with the Cheyenee Indians. Another touch of irony: I have Cheyenne in my genetics… 

I left my city life and moved out to the “west” to live in a small, rural community here in Colorado. While I’m about 2 hours south of Colorado Springs where Dr. Quinn took place, it is Colorado nonetheless and quite rural compared to today’s Colorado Springs. We have one train a day each way that comes and goes, no other transportation service available here other than car. I lived on my own and had to forage on my own for the first adjustments here, learning to handle and shovel snow, making a living here. Now, I work at a hospital, not as a doctor, but with a degree in psychology and helping people with their health needs. Our town is trying to bring in money and progress, much like what the townspeople on Dr. Quinn did.

Now, here is the total irony my husband and I considered. I met him 3 years ago after being here several years. He had just moved here (unlike Sully who was there before Michaela) but he is indeed a renaissance man. He’s cooked, he’s traveled, he’s done maintainence work, he also did trail crew in the rugged Alaska wilderness. He loves photography and being out in nature, celebrating our lands and greatly into green living. He loves Native American history. I never expected to meet him. I’d finally just accepted that I would be single. Then, here he is and he won me over. He believes in my greatly and I love it. So, at the same age as Dr. Quinn I found myself marrying my “Sully.” 

Plus, we’ve moved to a smaller but perfectly adequate house on acreage in the mountains that the hubby has built for us. It’s about the same size as the homestead Sully built for them too on the series. He plans to be our stay at home husband (father when the day arrives), working on his projects, growing herbs and vegetables, taking care of our land, working on his photography dream and he has a disposition much like Sully’s on the show as well… if a bit more sarcastically playful. 

Just gets one thinking… I apparently was careful with what I wished for, and it did just come true…

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