Simply Delish: Chicken Marsala 

As thunderstorms started rolling over the mountains on an otherwise extremely hot evening, the shade provided by clouds eased the uncomfortable and wind softly blew the gentle rain in. With classical relaxation playing via Pandora, a nice sense of relaxation started up. 

Many times it’s easy to complain about cooking dinner. However, the reality is I truly enjoy cooking and baking. For me, there is something soothing about it. Maybe it is the rthyme of following steps or it is the accomplishment of watching one’s own creation grow into a delectable treat. Whatever the case, preparing homemade chicken marsala for my hubby as the bars of Mozart and Bach filter about our new home, the soft warmth of the hood light and track lighting above, adding spices to the sauce, and listening to the growing rumbles above proves so satisfying. 

Chicken Marsala is pretty simple to make really. This time I opted for chopped chicken breasts vs my usual of unchopped thighs. I smeared salt and pepper across them before adding a key ingredient. Most use flour for coating their poultry. Yet, I opt for corn starch in efforts to stay gluten free. With the chicken thoroughly coated I toss it in the pan with 2 tablespoons of melted butter, allowing it to brown on all sides.

Then, I remove the chicken, melt another 2 tablespoons of butter, and then pour in chopped mushrooms. 

Once these turn brown after roughly 8 minutes I then add a cup of Marsala wine, followed by about 2 to 3 more tablespoons of butter, a dash of rosemary and parsley, and a pinch of garlic with salt and pepper.

And, viola! An easy, but elegant dinner when paired with a glass of merlot and the classic strains of violins and strings. I love preparing this for my hubby, especially when mother nature cooperates on a summer’s eve.

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