Welcome to Our Porch

The upstairs porch is finally cleared as our items move to storage in the now completed upstairs rooms. What an awesome way to enjoy our Sunday morning. Greeted the day with coffee in my Duchess mug in my light robe while sitting on the wicker set. Then, I changed into my fairly new yoga clothes, unrolled the mat at 7:35am with the soft, morning breeze blowing, engaging in my 25 minute yoga routine as the infrared sauna heated up. After yoga, we sat in 135 degrees of dry infrared heat for about twenty minutes. That was followed by a very relaxing shower and breakfast by the hubby: poached egg with rosemary, mandarin oranges, half a banana, and a small turkey sausage patty. He’s already thrown the brisket on in the oven before grilling to its final deliciousness, the aromas wafing through the house. Inside we’re at 75 degrees, outside is 90+. We’re ready for our movies up on the big screen from the projector and surround sound. The porch will function as first an outdoor space, then a movie room, then makeshift gym of sorts, sauna haven, and a place to soak in our views. Our goal is to find an outdoor patio heater to use once the shingles close for winter months.






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