Tips Learned from Vacation

Vacation came and went… boo. After one week back from my piece of heaven on earth, I look back and think about what it was that made it so wonderful. Of course, there was the time away from the daily grind. Yet, that wasn’t exactly it. We were out in nature, enjoying life. I can certainly tell you the hubby and I greatly needed it.

For those who don’t know, our first few months since the wedding have not been too easy. They’ve been fine relationship wise, but the stressors in our lives were great. Just two weeks prior to our wedding, the hubby found out he obtained a stomach ailment from his occupation as an LPN that could have dire consequences. We treated it with the recommended antibiotics up to the day of our rehearsal. However, the complications didn’t go away. He lost about 40 pounds between September and February, and he never really had much to lose as it was. Doctors could not figure it out. The severe stomach pains too also made it impossible for him to work during that time. So, we dropped to only my income and also him feeling down he could not help me as much with the house. However, he finally figured it out mostly on his own and with natural medicine and is now doing great. Then we moved out of the house in town because of bills, stress from some obsessive compulsive neighbors whose beautiful home was maintained by disposing of their waste into our yard, then calling police if we asked them not to. I switched jobs on top of things for the better. Now, we’re up on the ranch, building, but in the RV temporarily since February. Then, he needed an outpatient surgery to fix a hernia that was accelerated by the stomach ailment’s toll. That took us 4 weeks of no lifting of anything over 10 pounds from the end of April.

The great news though: he feels great now and we’re starting to get on our feet and move forward! He’s working hard on a daily basis with his father on the house and we’re getting closer and closer to its completion. Plus, his photography is really getting great and we’re looking excitedly at his business flourishing with it. However, after all that the vacation was needed.For one thing, it showed to the hubby how much he was back to normal and able to engage. When we made the reservations in January, we weren’t sure how he’d be. But here we were in nature, enjoying things we loved to do.

So I found out some tips to keep that luxury of vacation with us:

  1. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU LOVE – The husband loves photography. Sure, it was a chore rising before sunrise a few mornings while on vacation, but at the same time I knew it would grant us some views and images of the Grand Tetons (again, my favorite place ever) not many get to see. Plus, it let him obtain some pretty spectacular images. For those who don’t know, the hour before and after sunrise and sunset is considered the magic hours for photography for lighting and everything. Everything is so still and I adore sunrise too. It added to our own magic on vacation. Not to mention, too, I saw the husband just come to life again.20160613_200453_Richtone(HDR)
  2. EAT ORGANIC AND AS NATURAL AS POSSIBLE – Even though we’ve been on a detox diet and paleo like for awhile now, the food we ate on the trip was fantastic! It was cage-free eggs, grass fed beef, and pesticide free, organic produce. For breakfast we were content with splitting a bagel, sharing a side of bacon, and a bowl of fruit. Of course, a couple of mornings we splurged and had eggs, potatoes, fruit, pancakes, and we loved it! But even then it seemed healthier to us.So our routine of smaller servings, protein and vegetables will remain firmly intact.jackson-lake-guided-kayak
  3. STAY ACTIVE – I loved how much we were moving that week! From walking a mile a few times through the day out to the peninsula at Jackson Lake through Colter Bay, I raked up the steps on my Samsung Health app like crazy on my phone! Breaking records for the most steps in a day and most active minutes almost daily was heaven. I would do my yoga in our cabin and yet, we walked so much too, it was just crazy. One day alone I had 16,000 steps +. For those who don’t know also, I started up my own yoga routine a few months back as a way to cope with the stressors. Finding time on my breaks and lunches in my office, I indulged. Plus, I got the hubby to join me a bit. It helped with my back aches, my sore neck, and even after shooting my bow and arrow for the first time in ages, the pain vanished following one yoga routine. Lately, I’ve added some more core moves and extended the workout. Also, I started the elbow plank and full plank along with it the last month. I’m feeling a huge difference and this was obvious when we rented the kayaks for 2 hours on our last day there. KAYAKING IS HEAVEN! Just gliding across the lake is amazing and so silent. The hubby and I shared a tandem kayak, he in front and I in the back and we rocked it! Kayaking has always been something I enjoy and I could feel the difference from all my workouts. 5 years ago I would wear out quicker, but not this time. I was ready to go still even after the two hours. That burned 611 calories on its own.
  4. LEARN TO MOVE A BIT SLOWER – The max speed in the Grand Teton National Park is 45 MPH. This is perfect! Of course, there were individuals wishing to fly around and pressing their luck by moving closer and closer to our bumper, but 45 is all you needed to go in order to see the sights and not miss wildlife. Unfortunately, we did hear of a baby grizzly cub hit and killed just the night after we left. This is why it’s important to go slower. We share this world with animals. And living on the ranch here that’s even more important. Plus, we find so much more to enjoy through going slower. The hubby and I found roads new to even me on my 7th trip there with wonderful images awaiting us.
  5. BRING SOME OF THE LUXURIES HOME – As we considered our new home, I found a package of wildflower seeds common to the Grand Tetons on sale in the gift shops. Of course, we ate that up. We wanted the lupine and indian paintbrush around us more. Plus the rows and rows of yellow and rich, royal blue flowers we followed reminded us of our wedding. What a better way to share what we love then planting our seeds around the house here. Then we shared huckleberry margaritas – OH DIVINE. So, we looked up recipes and are also prepared to plant huckleberry plants around the home to brew up our own margaritas here, even purchasing too the much loved huckleberry lemonade mix to bring home and discovering the site of their provider online too… Why limit ourselves to just enjoying those great things while on vacation when we can afford to go?8b988877-0e7d-4a34-b1d7-b3048da34b77-640x640
  6. HAVE SOME OF THE IMAGES IN SIGHT – Brent obtained awesome photographs of the peaks and sights on the trip. He’s finished up editing them and I can’t wait to add them to my collection. What’s a better way then including some in the design of our home? A few framed would be a nice reminder on our tables and counters.


These are just a few tips I picked up and kept in mind for the time we’ve returned. Of course, my Native American Flute station is going a lot more too and frequent with my yoga workout in addition to that. I can’t wait to go back and, yet, I can’t wait to add these tips to my home – a little luxury that will surely add some refinement and calm to the daily grind.

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