Vacation’s End


So we’re back from our vacation to my ultimate favorite spot in the world, my own little piece of heaven, Grand Teton National Park. We spent roughly a week and it simply flew by, but with my review of prepared packing in mind, the trip went off well. I loved every minute of it. Since it was my 8th time going, I enjoyed it even more in sharing a place I loved with my beloved Grandpa now with the man of my dreams, my new hubby, Brent.

Sunday was consumed with about 11 and a half hours of driving from our small town in the southern most part of Colorado up to Colter Bay Village where we rented cabins. Monday, we traveled the park’s loop of roads to allow him to see all the sites and finally discovered Mormon Row where the most photographed barn in the park exists. We went back later that evening at sunset even to capture more images. Brent’s photograph is one of my new awesome favorites. You can see mine from my tablet alongside his professional one.

Tuesday we went out once more searching the sites and photographed the Oxbow Bend, a much beloved site at sunset. Wednesday after a wonderful scenic boat cruise with breakfast on Elk Island, we toured more and also let Brent stand right at the same spot that Ansel Adams stood in to photograph the peaks with the Snake River at the Snake River Overlook. Of course, 70 years later, the trees grew where we missed the bend in the river as Ansel’s photo once displayed. The one pictured here is my recreation through the tablet’s camera, but Brent’s will follow I’m sure.


Thursday was spent on a one day excursion through Yellowstone Park, only 18 miles away from our cabin. Boy, was it packed! The most I’ve seen ever! It hindered some of our photo opportunities, but still was enjoyable. The hubby video recorded and photographed one of Old Faithful’s eruptions and we discovered a new eating place at Leek’s Marina back in the Tetons with a pizzeria that was to die for.

Friday we woke up at 4:30am for more sunrise shots of the barn on Mormon Row. Then we kayaked for 2 hours – something I love out on Jackson Lake. Afterward, I joined the husband and my dad for a couple of hours as they fished along the Snake River. Then we ran off for more sunset photographs. Saturday was the long drive home, sadly.


This vacation was VERY much needed and a wonderful trip for Brent and me. We loved it entirely and I can’t wait to see all of his photos. Now that we’re home, it’s back to working on the house. Must confess, the RV is starting to feel a bit small for us. But the bedroom is dry walled and painted and the trim is up on the window. Our ceiling fan is up and running and in the next couple of days, the door and floor will be down. It’ll be the first room completed in the new place. Slowly, but steadily we’re getting there. I sure miss the Tetons though.

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