We Must Find “Me Time”

Time to unwind is crucial to less stress and finding one’s own voice again. Recently, I’ve had so much going on and on that it’s been difficult to find time just to sit and relax. I helped the husband through some rough times, then we moved, then switched jobs, then lost a coworker who quit, then took her case load too, then I started training someone while also helping the hubby some more too.

Sometimes, I take my 15 minute afternoon break to run and grab a cup of coffee or hot tea, often just water, and then perform a short yoga session in my office. This allows me to rejuvenate, and not to mention also stretch my back and limbs after sitting at my desk most of the day. However, there are several days where this seems impossible as the phone rings or knocks echo on my door. The hubby and I do the yoga together at times.


Yet, what I discovered today was I think taking 45 minutes to an hour for myself really allows me to just settle and reconnect with myself. I also find a lot of rejuvenation. In the past, I always considered Sunday afternoon to be the time to pamper myself if I would. Of course, this usually fell by the wayside. I’d have the days where I’d try a little cheap mask or maybe soak my toes and nails, maybe do an at-home wax for my brows. But this never lasted. I’d be good for about 2 to 3 weeks, then it’d disappear, mainly too after I met the best-man-ever-now-my-spouse.

So, today, after helping him a lot through some recovery from an outpatient procedure on Thursday, I decided to ask if he’d mind if I took some time for me today. Actually, I specifically asked if he’d mind if I went to the new porch upstairs at the new place and indulged in my yoga and then slipped into the waiting sauna even though he can’t just yet with me. As the ever supportive and loving husband he is, he told me to go right ahead. I took off to the house, threw out my yoga mat, fired up the infrared sauna to reach 135 degrees, and started my regular 15 minute yoga session with 5 minutes of added yoga meant to retrain my core. Oh, God, was it so relaxing! I think because too that the hubby surprised me earlier as I put the freshly cleaned sheets on the bed and provided me with a 3 minute back rub, I felt my muscles and joints popping more with ease, the aches and pains fading while relaxing in downward dog.

After the 20 minutes, I rolled up the mat and then sauntered over to the waiting heat of the sauna where I sat for about 25 minutes as it climbed the thermometer from 115 to 135. Of course, I made sure I took a liter of water with me and nearly finished it entirely, sipping every few minutes. It felt divine and the calming Native American flute music also just soothed me. I felt full of energy today too. Even the hubby laughed that I must have taken something because I wouldn’t stop… lol. Perhaps it was the little drop of coconut oil in my coffee this morning too or that I finally am 1 pill away from the end of a 2 month supply of Vitamin D3 with K2 that the doctor ordered after seeing how low my Vitamin D levels were. Needless to say though, it was a very soothing and incredibly rejuvenating time and it took me all of 50 minutes or so. During that time, he took a shower and started looking up more photography info.


It’s so important that we remember to find time to recenter ourselves. Whatever works for you, do. Now, I’m feeling a little more comfortable and confident to face the week ahead again. I also feel prepared to make this time more often. It allows me to give more to others as well since I gave to myself some. Everyone should seek this out. “Me” time is not selfish. It’s necessary.

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