A Refined Home in the Making

We’re nearing the end of just our own, private time at the ranch before the rush to finish the house construction. On one hand, it will be wonderful to be out of the RV and settled in the new home before the leaves finish turning golden and amber. At the same time, it might not quite feel too homey for us in the meantime. The in-laws in the form of the father-in-law and my honey’s grandma arrive in about 10 days. Once they do, it will be a daily chore of finishing up the interior and installing a heater.

The house originally was meant to be the in-law summer home, sharing the 35 acre lot where the hubby set up and built his one room cabin almost 3 years ago, leading to us meeting. He’s helped his father build the “summer house” the last two summers, including the large, second story porch with near 360 degree views of the Sangre de Cristo range to the west and the Raton Pass and Fisher’s Peak to the east and south down to Angel Fire and Taos, New Mexico. Everything for the outside is complete as is the porch and the plumbing and electric inside the home. However, there still needs to be insulation and then walls and floors and decor added. Once that is complete and the inspectors sign off with a certificate of occupancy, we can start setting up our furniture. My father-in-law was generous enough to know we wanted out of the city and into our own, private abode, so he offered us the opportunity to stay in the home now year round.


It’ll be a lot of work to finish but should move smoothly and we are looking forward to it. I must say the RVs been pretty comfortable surprisingly, yet has its fair share of challenges. We’re hooked up to a camp hookup station his dad installed as they bring their RVs in the summer months and as water is not on in the house yet because of lack of insulation in the still cold months, we’ve had to turn off the water and fill jugs of fresh water for drinking to avoid freezing lines. Using infrared electrical heaters to heat us in those moments. But now, the weather is warming. Yesterday and today we’re in the 70s after last weekend being a very chilly, damp winter finale I hope. It is beautiful out as the green grass starts emerging through the dormant winter landscape. Thunderstorms start replacing the white ominous clouds of snow fronts moving through. More and more wildlife start emerging, deer in abundance, and now bears are rumored to be out and about on the landscape.

So, the updates about the ranch will start. I might even be pulling out the capris today. The mud boots have been put up so far.


One thing important to hold onto is that I feel the hubby and I are even closer. Less stress and more time together in possibly the tighter quarters also has helped us bond in new ways. Bailey, our lovely dog, loves it. She is out on patrol, scouring the terrain and then coming back to report on us and check in. It is so quiet and wonderful. We’re already discussing ways to make it our home more outside even. And, I just purchased my own pair of hiking pants to add to the new hiking boots I purchased a few months back, ready to take on summer! The hubby is starting to cut trails through the landscape as well to let us access more of the acreage. For us, it is indeed a little paradise. One can’t complain too with the infrared sauna we bask in occasionally up on the porch. I also told the hubby I’m open to his desire for chickens and a coop up here. Fresh eggs! And let’s plant a garden for our own veggies and fruits as well as herbs.

The bow and arrow will be set up along with croquet and hopefully a badminton set. He hopes our movie viewing area finds a nice new home with the large screen too. His BBQ and our patio set found a home with the view overlooking the ranges and an umbrella, the propane fire pit nearby. A cup of hot tea or warm coffee and the glowing red sunrises and sunsets as of late await. It’s all a very welcome relief to stressors of work and drama in the world. Plus, we now have unlimited internet up on the ranch too which is a nice change after the 2 months of limited data.


As I sit and type I have my classical station playing, sipping from my “The Duchess” mug as the honey sips from his “The Duke” mug. Fresh air blows in through the screen door of the RV and I look out at the snow capped peaks in the near distance as no snow around us, peering to see the new house close by. Yup, what a refined life I live.

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