The Royal Tour: Thoughts on Will & Kate

Royal Tour 2016 through India & Bhutan rapidly reached an end this morning. At least to us royal followers, it seemed to reach a rapid end. After seven days, the royal couple left the region for a return to the United Kingdom. It’s been an amazing week with gorgeous photos, insight into the area, and fascinating fashion examples. As for the choice in fashion, I loved every outfit I saw, except for one: her dress on the way to the private dinner with the Bhutan king & queen. I didn’t despise it, just wasn’t my favorite. However, that is for a different time. But what the tour really stood out for too was the likes and interests of the Duke & Duchess as well as their relationship. Was it just me or did it seem to shout out through the images we saw?

kate naeem khan

Thanks to this week’s Royal Tour, my hubby came on board with admiration too for Will & Kate. He knows I’ve admired Kate as a role model and inspiration. Yet, the tour was a great opportunity for me to discuss them more often with him and share the images we witnessed also. We’re a young couple too, in our mid thirties and starting out on married life. We found some common interests in Will & Kate together and they definitely appear a couple we’d love to friend. For us, in a small, rural community, it’s rather difficult to discover other couples with similar interests and values. Watching the images and events unfold with the royal couple as they discovered India & Bhutan, we admired and actually found validation in our own way of life and choices. The hubby’s watched through the ski photo and the work-shy situation, claiming too that if he were a prince he would do most of what Will has done as well. We both agreed about the privacy needed and protecting images of our children, meaning we’d both do a similar route as the ski trip if we were in their shoes.

When I told the hubby how Kate loves photography and has her own Canon DSLR, he smiled. For those who don’t know, photography is my honey’s royal passion (sorry, couldn’t miss the chance for a pun). Everything includes the camera and he has amazing talent. I’ve learned as well through him and engage in photography myself with his slighter older model of the Canon. After viewing the images Kate took of a then-6 month old Charlotte, I sought out learning even a little more. Together, we have our budding business and even are starting to look into adding more multimedia avenues. We do sound effects, time-lapse, and even are starting to do short-films. Right now he takes the primary photographs and I investigate and write-up a blog about our adventures, the history of our destinations, and reviews. All this can be found at our site,


The next thing we found in common is our absolute love for traveling and seeing the world. Their safari this week really struck a chord as this is something we both have always found a keen desire to go through with. Even now we love the idea and times we can take the sides off our 1994 Jeep Wrangler and act on safari around the ranch roads and seek out the wildlife and sights. Many of his amazing wildlife images were captured as we do this. We both agree too that Kenya might be amazing to see, but we’d rather choose India/Bhutan over Africa in general on that range. It’s always been that way for me, at least. Plus, we adore wildlife. The hubby and I aren’t opposed to the idea of hunting, but when it comes to endangered life and game, we’re much like Will & Kate in that being an entirely different story.

Hiking is a huge pastime my husband loves and I mean LOVES! I enjoy it a lot myself, but after breaking both bones of my left ankle and requiring surgery to repair it six years ago, I found myself a bit out of the loop. I frequently failed to put full weight back on it and stay hesitant to fully engage on hikes. Plus, I hate to say it but I was reduced to Wal-Mart shoes which do not offer much support. This year, I have a great pair of good, solid, and comfy, supportive hiking boots. I also aggravated the area where I broke the ankle and forced myself to finally start putting all the weight back on it. I’m ready for what awaits us and I love the idea of hiking on our summer trip to the Grand Tetons (by the way, my favorite place to ever visit). The images of Will & Kate hiking while in Bhutan were awesome. Ironically, Kate’s ensemble is much like I would love to wear and I often do wear brown knee-high boots with my skinny jeans while trekking around the snowy ranch grounds. I’ve told the husband even before the tour truly kicked off, that I am ready to get out there with him and hike more, just also want to get some better athletic pants and shirts (mainly similar to Kate’s with wicking material).


Plus, the signs of love between them really stood out to us. We’re all about reserved PDAs ourselves. We’re a quieter couple too. We don’t like everyone knowing our business or being overt with our public displays. Holding hands though, and putting our arms around each other, those are definites between us and something we always make a point of doing, just a natural feeling. And, add in nature, and it’s a given those moments occur. I think we’re a couple that greatly enjoys cuddles and holding hands, that connection. Plus, doing things together, that always is something we seek to achieve. It’s a main part of why the business is a joint venture. I also see no need to overshadow him despite me being in the public eye more often. Through my jobs and works, I do have more attention on me. It’s just a given. So, there is more of a reputation associated to my actions. The husband is more on the quiet, shy, reserved side. But when it comes to us out and about and away from my typical work, I like letting him shine and standing as his support. There’s a lot of that I see too conveyed in the dynamic we saw in the images.


As I’ve written before, I stand for a lot of the same causes as Kate. Her guest editor day at the Huffington Post shown a great light on children’s mental health and I know psychology for all ages is a big cause along with bullying. Psychology is my degree and I’ve even tried to donate and work with UNICEF through donations and fund-raising when I was younger. I’ve shared about my work with the SafeCare program as well. My husband and I also agree that children’s issues, mainly bullying,  can greatly affect our lives. We both experienced bullying to some degree in our youth and know the stigmas that are attached to mental conditions even into adulthood. It’s something I am incredibly passionate about, all children’s issues included. Family is very important to us and something we know we firmly agree upon as we look to the next chapter of our lives together: starting our own family. This is something though that also let the husband find an admiration for the royal couple.

Will & Kate also seem to be for the environment with organic food, gardening, vegetarian choices in India and health conscious. My husband is also a LPN who always has had a homeopathic and natural cure tendency that led to him studying for his nursing license. Through recent health situations, he’s read up and learned a lot more about treating himself and myself through natural remedies and supplements. We’ve planted our own garden and grown our own vegetables through our love of the more natural life. The hubby moved here to have his little one room cabin on the ranch originally (but then he met me 2 months after the move here) to be more off the grid and live off the land. He wanted more natural energy-efficient means of life. Our goal is to replant a garden up here now on the ranch, buy a couple of chicks, and farm our own eggs. We much prefer organic foods and natural means. The environment is very important to my husband and even his own father has discussed us writing up a book together about how to save Antarctica and protect our world. When the husband heard that Will & Kate also believe in that, he was even more impressed.

For Christmas too, he gifted me with a beautiful, long bow, knowing I wanted to get back into the sport I loved in my youth with girl scouts. I love it. Now, granted I haven’t really used a bow since I was about 12, I have to work my way back up. We’ve taken the bow out and tried target practice up here around the ranch a few times since Christmas, when it hasn’t been snowing like crazy, and both howled in laughter at the attempts to hit the target in very similar styles to the images of Will & Kate in Bhutan. Those pictures made us smile and laugh as we related it to our own memories too. That Will & Kate were trying and laughing and having fun with it just speaks volumes of how normal they are. And, in all honesty, hearing that archery is the national sport of Bhutan – wow, it made me want to visit there all the more too.


We both agree that while Will & Kate are royalty, they also are normal, everyday people like us. My hubby even says he wishes we could have the chance to meet them, they seem like a couple we can be friends with. He started on about how they have similar interests and we can relate to them. They even chose living in the country verses in the hub of the city as they started their family, just as we’ve chosen too now. I don’t think Will & Kate will ever read this, but thank you. Thank you for validating choices we’ve made and for being the ongoing source of inspiration to many. Thank you for standing your ground and for being down to earth while still a class act. Thank you for all you stand for, for the causes you support, for showing us that simple little hints of love in the public eye are enough, that privacy is an expectation no matter your role. I doubt we’ll ever meet them, but at least for now it’s nice to see a couple we can so relate to.

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