A Throw Fit for Royalty

Awwww…. the cool, winter evenings are still blowing through up on the ranch as spring starts to warm up the days. Even with little snow, we definitely faced some chilly nights, even more so up at the new place versus in town. The hubby and I love to snuggle up when the cold air strikes.

As I mentioned before, we purchased a little propane fire pit last summer to use where we couldn’t have a wood burning pit. Campfires are something we absolutely love and one of our faves while out in the woods. So, what would be a more perfect treat for at home? Whenever we visited the little cabin we fired up the propane fire pit and sat around it as the sun set and the stars started twinkling. However, one thing we never solved was avoiding the chilly air.

Over the holidays while investigating Pinterest for my first time. Yes, it is horribly true. I always heard of the site, but never really checked it out. Oh, boy, I sure wish I did sooner. We discovered tons and I mean a many vast variety of DIY projects I wish I’d considered as we kept Christmas presents on a low fund this year. If only I discovered Pinterest’s wonders a couple of weeks sooner. One delight on the site was a pin about flannel throws. First of all, I adore throws. Second of all, flannel???? How super soft and warm & snuggly that simply sounds. Plus, I could custom make a throw that provided adequate coverage for us both at the same time and yet also find one big enough even for just one at a time and still only spend about a quarter of what I would at a nice store. Total score all around!

Instead of opting for a fabric store, I researched online through Amazon. Sure enough, I found about 3 yards of a beautiful, plaid flannel for about $5. Immediately, I ordered it. I cut the fabric into 2 pieces, 1 big enough as a double in 40×60 and the other perfect for a single person. Then, I stitched a straight line about a half yard from my cut edges and left the side away from the full width exposed for fraying. This created my trim. I started stitching by hand, but really I lack the patience. Needless to say, I sewed by hand one line, but the other side would take my sewing machine. Thank God my mother knew how to help me. And viola, a beautiful fringed flannel throw at our disposal.


It’s come in quite handy while snuggling on our couch, curling up together for a quick afternoon nap, wrapping up while enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee and opening a good book. And, it’s definitely handy around that fire pit. And really I think I spent $5 on the fabric,and then about $3 on the thread. And it was done in about 2 hours. Much better than paying roughly $60 to $80 for a store bought one. Plus, it’s whatever size I chose, whatever fits us. A CUSTOM MADE LUXURY.

I can’t wait for us to be all settled into the house, out on our second story porch in the summer evenings with the movie projector playing our films up on the wall, sitting on the wicker sofa, the fire pit keeping us comfortable, and snuggling up to my handsome hubby beneath the oh so comfy throw. How’s that for romance?

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