Another Benefit Win: The Dallas Bronzer/Blusher

Back when I first met the hubby, we visited his family after only a very few months together at their home in Texas for our week after Christmas. It’s a lot bigger there, and I don’t just mean because it’s Texas… lol. Really, there’s a lot more shops. I feel safe saying it is definitely the city and more urban vs rural like where we live in Colorado. Before that day, can you believe I’d never been to an Ulta before? Like ever? Hard to believe from a girl born and raised in the Los Angeles area and only living here for about 8 years at that point.

I visited Ulta there with his mom and after exploring around the store, I found a few things I liked. Of course, most of it was lip glosses and even a hair color I really liked but couldn’t find in our stores here. Then, I noticed a really cool bronzer/blusher. Now, as I’ve mentioned before, I loved when I had my Benetint by Benefit. So, it should be no surprise that this little bronzer/blusher completely captured my eye. And, as we were traveling in the Lone Star state, I also was interested in obtaining reminders of the trip along the way. Well, what better way than with the Benefit Dallas Bronzer, even featuring a cowgirl riding a horse on the packaging. When I opened the lid, I instantly loved the color! It wasn’t the overly pink or peach I often found on a budget, especially at Walmart in a small town. Instead, it was a muted, rosy glow.


Needless to say, I instantly purchased it. After all, this was from Benefit! Trying it out the next day, I loved how it provided definition to my face, helping sculpt underneath my cheekbones and also casting a nice sun-kissed glow on key features of my skin. What I really was stunned by was that I could even just use it as a quick pop of color on my fair skin even without make up or even with in a hurry as I ran out the door. It’s become a necessity in my make up bag. Of course, I only like the natural looks. So, natural this is. It looks like I got just a little tan, yet hint of rosy peach. I don’t question it. It just matches my skin tone perfectly!

A really cool part of it is, we all know how we hate products that don’t last. Well, the Benefit Dallas Bronzer/Blusher definitely has staying power! And, it’s just a powder! Of course, my Femme Coutre 8-in-1 Foundation also acts as a primer, but even still I never worry about it fading. Another part of it not lasting is sometimes we purchase products and they run out so quickly so we’re replacing them right away. That’s one thing I always found myself discouraged by for purchasing higher cost make ups in the past. Then again, I also was a girl limited to drug store make up before, and, to be honest, I think we spend just as much in the long run because they run out so quickly. By the time we find an amount to last as long as a higher dollar item, we’ve spent just the same. But I bought my Benefit Dallas Bronzer/Blusher in December of 2013. I finally reached the last little crumb of it at the start of this February in 2016!!! You truly do not need a lot, the little brush that comes for application gives you precisely what you need. I just purchased another one of it just about a month ago after all that time, and at Sephora this time as Ulta is too far from here for our  nearest one. Sephora equals just over one hour while Ulta is just over two hours.

But this is one product I will have in my arsenal for good. It is definitely a huge recommendation! It keeps our porcelain complexions looking regally English rose like. Check it out!

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