Yummy & Elegant: Warm Muffin Temptation

So since July the hubby and I try to stay as gluten free as we possibly can. I must say this is difficult when eating at our cafeteria at work on my 30 minute lunch breaks. However, I do the best I can. We chose to go mostly Paleo in July, but we’ve allowed rice and the occasional gluten. However, gluten bothers us a lot. So in reality we’ve gone just about with no breads. This has led me to start using coconut flour and coconut sugar a lot more often. I always thought the gluten free pasta tasted great myself.

However, yesterday morning, I was not opposed to treating myself to a royally delectable temptation. When I tried to purchase breakfast I noticed the most desirable, fresh from the oven, blueberry muffins sitting up on the counter as I was moving through the line. First of all, I adore blueberries. Oh, they are heaven sent. Plus, they’re an antioxidant and power food. So, hmmm, just maybe. Well, it is gluten. In all honesty, looking at those, I think they’re more berry than gluten.


Needless to say, I splurged and decided to go for it. Of course, I cut the muffin in half, marveling at the nice oven warmth radiating through all its layers of gooey wonderfulness. I took a few bites to enjoy the half and savored every morsel. Yup, well worth the splurge. However, not worth it enough to indulge the other half.

Remember: moderation is key.

So, I returned to my normal breakfast combo of bacon and little bit of eggs with some potatoes (not entirely Paleo, I know, but pretty close). At least I gave myself a treat and knew that the day was set to be wonderful despite the busy and hectic schedule awaiting me.


Finishing the breakfast, I sprayed a little bit of lavender water for effect, turned up the Classical for Studying on my Google Music, and just took some deep breaths. The day would be good…. and all thanks in part to beautiful blueberries.

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