An Elegant Country Wedding: Part 2

After Brent’s proposal we started figuring out more than just when. We knew almost immediately we wanted our wedding low key and fun and joyful. That was easy for us. The ranch community held a special place for both of us. It resembled what we both loved and it was partly what led us to one another as it was. So, we decided to ask my parents if we could have their home on the ranch with 35 acres as our venue. They agreed, although my mother worried it wouldn’t be ready or too attractive. Little did she know that everyone loves it there and we wouldn’t have chosen it unless we thought it was beautiful enough. That saved us also the venue fee.

Since we decided to have our wedding right at the end of summer changing to fall, we hoped there would be some fall leaves and colors. Technically we could go either way. However, we opted to show off a summer color and a fall color. We chose yellow, ironically always my least favorite color, to show off the fall aspect. Yet, we chose a burnt version of it in sunflower yellow, more a golden and also around in abundance. The really cool part of it is that sunflowers bloom wildly about the area in late August and through then. The year of our wedding we lucked out royally. Because of intense rains all through spring and early summer, the landscape was incredibly green and there were sunflowers for miles. That just sealed our knowledge we made a great decision that year. I’ve always adored sunflowers. Our second color was a favorite and almost immediate choice for both of us: royal blue. The darker, almost navy still stayed a bit brighter and just gave that little touch of regal appeal. It was a favorite of mine for years and even the color of my senior prom dress. What a perfect combo to us: sunflower yellow and royal blue.

Our Color Inspiration

In October, a month after the proposal and after days of researching dresses online, the ladies in my family decided we’d head north to Pueblo, the next biggest city, and actually have me try dresses on so I could see if the cut and all suited me in styles I liked online. Of course, I had an idea of what dresses I really liked. The first dress I always loved was worn by Jane Seymour as Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman to her wedding to mountain man Sully. I adored that dress! Plus, it was always a little saying that I found my version of Sully when it came to Brent. Secondly, another dress I loved was what was known as the “Heaven Dress” from Titanic. You know, that beautiful white dress that is identical to her dinner dress as she ascends the grand staircase to meet with Jack again at the end? Yup, that one.  Plus, I always loved that era too. And the third was from the royal wedding as Catherine married William. I loved the lace and the train and the wonderful details.

When we arrived at the store in Pueblo, we told them we were just looking. I tried on a few and was stunned too at the prices. So much for Brent thinking I could pull off a dress for $40! My mom and my aunt offered to help me if I needed it. My mom was attending me in the fitting room while the consultant and my aunt, sister, and niece scurried around looking for me. There were a few I was in awe of. However, after just a few, my mom zipped up one on me and I heard her gasp a little. I could tell she was holding back her comment. Then, she zipped up the back and I right away saw it. This was the dress. I found it! It was the perfect combination of all 3 of those dresses I loved. Normally priced at about $1200, we lucked out as it was marked down in the off season and because it was in stock already and not needing to be ordered, we found it for $399. We made the layaway deposit and I continued making payments for the next 4 months till I could pick it up and bring it home. With its long train, we knew it needed to be bustled in the back too for walking around on the gravel of the ranch.


Having the dress picked out so quickly, I had a pretty good idea where to go next with the wedding ideas and decor. It’s always said that the dress is the most difficult part of the wedding planning. For me, it was the easiest. We can all agree that should be an omen of the entire event. Luckily, for us, it was. But there was still quite a lot to be done.


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